Hispanic Heritage Month Event
Tuesday Oct. 17, 2000 KRISTOPHE KARAMI/The Justice Feel the Rhythm: A profession dance group performs at the Hispanic Heritage month Main Event in Levin Ballroom on Saturday night. The show aimed to highlight the cultural diversity of the Hispanic community and also included dancing by student performers who practiced for weeks leading up to the event.

Black History Month Celebration
Feb. 13, 2001 ZACK MILLER/The Justice Dancing to the Beat of Diversity: Puerto Rican dance group Flor De Maga performed at the Black History Month main event on Friday. The group performed a traditional dance about resurrecting the dead. The event also featured a breakdancing troupe and performed Jules C. among others. For more information about this event, see article on Page 27.

Culture X
March 20, 2001 ROBYN CHIARELLI/The Justice Yudelka Olivo '03 performs in the Gypsy Bride's Dance at Saturday night's Culture X, now a traditional part of Brandeis' International Week.

Asian Awareness Week
March 27, 2001 ROBYN CHIARELLI/The Justice Free Food: Students partake in traditional Asian foods during Friday's 'Skin: Shades of Asian America.' The event was part of this year's Asian Awareness Week.

Tibetan Culture
September 25, 2001 ROBYN CHIARELLI/The Justice Tibetan Pride: Tibetan monks from a monastery in an Indian refugee camp came to Brandeis this week to share Tibetan rituals and culture. The even featured traditional dances, chanting and debating, all of which are central to the monks' way of life.

South East Asian Club Week
Nov. 13, 2001 ROBYN CHIARELLI/The Justice Friendship: The Cambodian Mutual Assistance in America Friendly Dance Troup performs the "Blessing Dance" as part of the first-ever South East Asian club week.

ICC celebrates 10th anniversary with Culture X
March 19, 2002 RACHEL KRAMER/The Justice Happy Birthday ICC: Abbas Qureshi '02 and Sophia Moon '02, the emcees of Culture X, conclude the evening of performances and speeches in Spingold Auditorium.

Nov. 18, 2003 REBECCA DESILINGER/The Justice Bharatanatyam: Chani Valiathan, Sravanthi Madala, Mohini Jang and Prerna Bhargara all perform in 'Bharatanatyam,' one of the first dances in MELA '03

2004 LINDSAY JOHNSON/The Justice

AHORA Breaking Boarders
Oct. 17, 2006 DAVID BROWN/The Justice Fusion: Part of the event included a combination of indigenous Native American, African, Caribbean, and Colonial dance and song traditions.

Black History Month Showcase
March 6, 2007 DAVID SHEPPARD-BRICK/The Justice Balance-Defying: Odara Nash, a performer from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performs.

Nov. 3, 2009 ROBYN SPECTOR/The Justice Festival of Lights: Students celebrate the holiday Diwali, a five-day festival observed by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs. The occasion is traditionally marked by lighting fireworks, eating sweets and dancing — rituals that hold obvious appeal even to those who don't share the religious faith.