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1. Another word for fake love, what many of the gifts given on Across 32 are likely made of, it’s also everywhere, including in you

5. Used to send letters

8. A type of white lily native to southern Africa representing innocence and meaning that you really love each other and being around each other, also said to convey admiration and appreciation, also often seen alongside tulips during Easter, and the traditional choice for funeral arrangements and expressions of sympathy.

9. A type of message you send to your long distance relationship partner

10. The capital, largest city and chief port of Thailand

12. Roman version of eros, in modern times depicted as a baby with wings holding a bow and arrow

15. Something you put on or do to hide your insincerity, especially if you’re playing a part, most movies can be broken into three of these

17. The annual Korean holiday celebrating the first day of the lunisolar calendar

19. The annual Vietnamese holiday based on the lunisolar calendar

20. Something you should do before inviting someone over tomorrow, or something you shouldn’t have done during Down 27 

22. Male bird that had a comb AND a wattle, COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO

24. An animal known for being deceitful and dishonest but historically have been a symbol for heath, medicine, pharmacy, immortality, among other things. Also the symbol of Taylor Swift’s “reputation” album, HISSSSS

25. A couple, a pair, a duo, deuce

26. Ancient Roman festival celebrating the Roman god of agriculture and celebrated by sacrificing animals and hitting people with animal hide, which some believed helped with fertility

28. Supposedly man’s best friend, BARK BARK, WOOF WOOF

30. To be chivalrous, one pull this out for their date, a two person couch is also called a love____

32. Day about love

34. Pegasus, Bojack and Centaurs all are partially this animal, NEIGH

38. Action usually done at a restaurant

39. Something some people believe will get them more dates, but actually only get them more compliments from other gym bros

41. Zodiac animal honored in Vietnam instead of the rabbit, MEOW

42. An east Asian country that doesn’t celebrate the new cycle of the moon

45. Opposite of love, how photos editor Eliza Bier feels about me perpetuating that cows are her favorite animal

46. Makes a cow milk alternative, they also have rectangular pupils, BAAAA not a sheep

49. Past tense of a word to describe something you can do to your partner if you put too much or too little effort into a holiday this week

50. Curious George, Abu, Rafiki are all of this species which also contains baboons, macaques, marmosets, tamarins, capuchins and mandrills, OOH OOH AH AH

52. Agapornis bird, one of the smallest parrot species

54. Southeast Asian country that will celebrating the year of the Naga this year

55. A nickname given to a partner, brought to you by BUZZ BUZZ bees

56. Something you need in order to start the enemies to lovers trope


1. Greek god famous for his sexual prowess, also something you use to cook food for your date :)

2. Something you’ll need if you don’t have elaborate plans for your partner tomorrow, a legal defense for the accused to show they couldn’t have committed the crime

3. In humans, composed of four chambers and two valves, mainly composed of cardiomyocytes and connective tissue, plural

4. Often below an arch where a couple exchange vows and get married

6. Spidey Ham, Wilbur, and Pumbaa have this in common, oink oink

7. Phoenician “seduced” by the god Zeus in the form of a bull because he fell in “love” with her

8. Eight billion of these heart candies are made every year and yet they have the same texture as chalk

11. Tiny citrus fruit sometimes said to resemble a small gold nugget (in canto the literal translation is gold orange) and a symbol of prosperity

12. The top export from Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and Ghana which make up about 70% of the world’s supply to make this product

13. Accident that might occur if one is distracted by a partner in a car

14. Meal name in the evening

16. Hugs and kisses

18. What you may write to your love, or even to Juliet (2010)

21. The first zodiac animal to cross the finish line using its cunning intelligence, also allegedly infests Mods and some Zivs

22. Color shared by both holidays this week

23. The first name of Gran’ma Ben, Thorn Harvestar’s grandma, in the Bone Series by Jeff Smith

27. Rings in the new year based on the cycles of the moon

29. Something you say after opening a present to express admiration of the gift

31. The Egyptian goddess of fertility 

33. Dance accompanied by drums, cymbals and gongs to bring good luck, can often be seen going into restaurants and eating from a bowl of cabbage

35. Lucky fruit, also a color

36. Auspicious to eat, especially when hard boiled and red, as they represent new beginnings, fertility and growth, singular

37. Type of gift given by fiber artists that may lead to the “sweater curse”

40. An expression of regret you probably give when you turn someone down

43. This year’s zodiac animal 

44. A nickname used to indicate someone is just a friend, also a name you call a dog 

47. Striped beast 

48. Something you get done during a manicure or pedicure

51. Past tense for jump into a pool, bird in the same family of pigeons, a British soap company’s namesake and logo, when found dead don’t eat