Election results for the Student Union were released on the morning of Jan. 29 by the Student Union Secretary Carol S. Kornworcel. Many seats were available for senators, Allocation Board members, co-treasurers, and associate justice positions.

Luke Farberman ’27 is the new midyear senator who is passionate about helping integrate mid-year students on campus as well as ensuring the University does its part in “upholding principles of sustainability for the future,” according to Farberman’s bio.

Harrison Madnick ’25 ran unopposed and is the new Ziv/Ridgewood Quad senator. In Madnick’s bio, he discusses wanting to “serve as a voice for all Ziv/Ridge Quad” and ensure the safety of students.

Allie Lanham ’26, who ran unopposed, is the new Rosenthal/Skyline senator. In her bio, Lanham discusses how she hopes to create open communication between the Student Union and the rest of the student body.

Ilana Ocampo ’27 ran unopposed and secured the spot of the new Racial Minority senator. In her bio, she talks about how excited she is to be a voice for the minority community at the University.

Sandy Chen ’27, secured the Allocations Board racial minority seat position. In her bio, she writes about her goal to “ensure that every organization here at Brandeis is heard and that every organization feels supported by the Student Union to make any initiative you want to see happen.”

Anna Weiss ’26 and Rashail Wasim ’25 secured the two-semester Allocations Board positions. In Weiss’ bio, she discusses how she wants to impact clubs and organizations on campus. Wasim, in his bio, discusses the accomplishments he has made in the past in this position and how he wants to continue.

Josef Kay ’27 and Samuel Shmidman ’27 secured the three-semester Allocations Board position. In his bio, Kay discusses how he wants to be “a reliable source of contact for club leaders and all community members to ensure the process of club budget allocations is transparent.” Shmidman expresses his willingness to support clubs and work with them throughout the year in his bio. 

Lucy Zhang ’26 is the new co-head treasurer. In her bio, she discusses her commitment to helping clubs and “connecting the department of engagement with the student body.”

Vera Witte ’27 secured the associate justice position.

Senators Allison Weiner ’25 and Rani Balakrishna ’25 have created a form to receive feedback about The Office of Equal Opportunity to report students' experiences with the department and any issues they may have experienced. The form is anonymous, and the senators want to hear from students in order to create an OEO reform proposal that addresses the needs of the student body.

Balakrishna is seeking a replacement among the senate to replace her position on Boston Intercollegiate Government, an organization that defines itself as the “Voice of the student body in the greater Boston area.” This organization has several committees that address issues relating to students. Balakrishna presented an unpaid internship policy bill going to the Massachusetts State House which would advocate protections for unpaid interns. She is seeking permission to put her name on the bill.