Editor’s Note: Justice Photo editor Eliza Bier ’26, Justice Layout editor Anna Martin ’26 are members of Brandeis Ballet Club and did not contribute to this story.

“Sugar Plum and Cavalier”
Irina Znamirowski ’24 and Matthew Jones ’27 gracefully dance the “Pas de deux,” which was originally choreographed by Lev Ivanov.

Clara and the Nutcracker
Liliana Aspromonte ’25 as Clara, and Charlie Eng ’25 as the Nutcracker, dance together in the magical Snow Kingdom.

Partner Dance
Matthew Jones ’27 supports Irina Znamiroski ’24 as she does a beautiful bow during their dance.

Waltz of the Snowflakes
Liliana Aspromonte ’25 dances as Clara, a young girl surrounded by the Snow Queen, Islay Morrison ’26, and various snowflakes. The dance is as enthralling as a winter wonderland.

Tea Time!
Claire McDonald ’25, “Tea” lead, skillfully dances in unison with the Corps, played by Miriam Grodin ’27, Rebecca Rappaport ’27, and Lulu Tsoi ’27.

Childlike Wonder
Liliana Aspromonte ’25 dances as Clara, a young girl enamored with the magical Nutcracker doll she was gifted on Christmas Eve.

Brynn Domsky ’27, the evil Rat King, aggressively pursues Charlie Eng ’25, the Nutcracker. This scene takes place during “The Battle,” which was choreographed by Anna Martin ’26 and Liliana Aspromonte ’25.

Pas De Deux
Irina Znamirowski ’24 and Matthew Jones ’27 adapted and danced the parts of the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Cavalier.