On Friday, Nov. 10, Brandeis Women’s Basketball kicked off the Pancreatic Cancer Awareness tournament with a decisive 61-38 victory over Wellesley College. Brandeis hosted Oberlin College, Kean University, and Wellesley College in a four-game invitational tournament. The excitement in the air from players was accompanied by tabling from several student-athlete organizations.

The Brandeis Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC), led by President Tristan Boyer ’25, organized a donation table, used plenty of purple decorations, and partnered with Brandeis Athletics as well as Athletes Without Borders, the Hidden Opponent, and the Student-Athletes of Color. According to an email from Boyer, the fundraiser raised just under $1000 for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Athletes without Borders, the affinity group for international student-athletes, held a bake sale; the Student Athletes of Color organized a waffle station; and the Hidden Opponent, a mental health advocacy group for student-athletes, coordinated a knockout game at halftime of the 2 p.m. game on Saturday. SAAC also hosted a popular “pie a coach” event. These collective efforts engaged parents, students, and spectators of the four games played over the course of the weekend.

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, and as pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of the disease, the fundraiser was timely. 

Oberlin College took home the invitational championship title, as Oberlin beat Kean on the evening of Friday, Nov. 10, and on Saturday, Nov. 11, the Judges lost to Oberlin. All four teams played competitive basketball, and they brought in a large number of fans that were buzzing all throughout the Gosman Sports and Convocation Center.

This was the first Pancreatic Cancer Awareness tournament held at Gosman for women’s basketball, but given its success, it is safe to say that it may become an annual tradition. The majority of the fundraiser was led and organized by student and everyone’s hard work came to fruition. The invitational tournament also allowed the student tables to engage with non-Brandeis community members.

Tables gave out purple ribbons to wear to raise overall awareness of pancreatic cancer, and the game announcers raised awareness about the condition as well. The event was highly promoted and publicized, and the high attendance kept the tournament fast-paced and lively.

This tournament also included the Brandeis Women’s Basketball home opener on Friday, Nov. 10, and the Judges had a strong first showing. Younger players posted strong numbers, with freshman Carlie Marrella posting a total of 19 points, and her classmate Brooke Reed ’27 posted a strong 14 rebounds in the team's first outing.