On Sunday, Nov. 12, Brandeis’ very own Adagio Dance Company presented their annual fall showcase. Filled with dances of all styles and skill levels, the showcase dazzled the audience, leaving them with a childlike wonder akin to what one would have meandering around a “Candy Land.” 

The showcase began with an exciting, jazzy arrangement by Hannah Pearlman ’24 to Britney Spears’ “Gimme More.” The dance exuded confidence and energy, making it a fantastic way to kick off the showcase. 

The next two performances, “Opaline” and “More,” used dance to navigate the complex journey of grieving and healing. “Opaline,” choreographed by Adagio Co-President, Christina Lin ’25 explored the process of learning how to find oneself after getting lost in heartbreak and adversity. “More” by Kaila Silbert ’25 beautifully illustrated what it means to fully embrace one’s emotions following profound loss. 

“OPALINE”: Adagio’s Co-President Chistian Li created a dance highlighting the complex journey of self-disovery that ensures following heartbreak.

“MORE”: Kaila Silbert ’25 and her fellow dancers perform a moving and self-reflective piece about processing grief and trauma.

These dances were immediately followed by “Human Behavior,” choreographed by Fiona Ripp ’25, which explored the primitive and animalistic side we all have. The next piece was titled “Happy,” presented by Hooked on Tap and directed by Lyla Chereau ’25, which emphasized happiness as an emotion which students always strive to achieve. Choreographed by Eliza Bier ’26 and Anna Martin ’26, “All’s well that ends” highlights the importance of mental health, the beauty of coming together, and finding balance in life. 

“ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS”: Eliza Bier ’26, Grace Delaney ’26, Anna Martin ’24, and Fionna Ripp ’25 navigate the complex relationship between societal expectations and one’s own well-being.

Bloom, Brandeis’ Asian pop jazz dance group, created “La Vie en Rose” as an iteration and rendition of “La Vie en Rose” by IZ*ONE, which was also the culmination of various cultural dances.  Brandeis’ Hip-Hop dance group KAOS Kids showcased their performance “Superheroes,” inspired by modern, well known heroes and villains. Adagio then had two more performances before their intermission.

“LA VIE EN ROSE”: Brandeis’ Bloom performs an energetic dance originally choreographed by South Korean Japanese girl group, IZ*ONE.

KAOS “SUPERHEROES”: Brandeis’ Hip-Hop dance troop shows off their fantastic moves while depicting the complex battle between “heroes” and “villains.”

Created by Nataly Dubovskaya ’26, “The night we met” examined movement in space through the theme of love and nostalgia. Athena Lams’ ’25 “Whispering” was an exploration of being able to face challenges through self-reliance juxtaposed with togetherness and solidarity.

“THE NIGHT WE MET”: Dancers use their art to depict the theme of a long-forgotten love.

Upon returning from intermission, “Grief,” choreographed by Destiny Kluck ’25, is a dance about processing emotions such as grief and pain, but also relief and peace. “The view between villages,” created by Jessica Freeberg ’24, looks at coming of age through childhood and home as one grows up. Choreographed by Aurora Soriano, “Movement” is a performance about relationships between people and the diversity in all forms of love. The Ballet Club performed “Act II: Divertissement, Coffee” which was helmed by Liliana Aspromonte ’25 and was a sneak peek into the Nutcracker performance that will be showing this winter. 

“GRIEF”: Choreographed by Destiny Kluck ’25, this dance illustrates the intense, painstaking, and messy process we all navigate when coping with grief.

“THE VIEW BETWEEN VILLAGES”: In a piece choreographed by Jessica Freedberg ’24, Adagio dancers emulate the complex and melancholic feeling that comes revisiting a place that is no longer truly yours.

“COFFEE”: Brynn Domsky ’27 and Grace Liebowitz ’26 provide a preview of the “Nutcracker.”

Co-choreographed by Hannah Pearlman ’24 and Sophia Lombardi ’26, “Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie” was a lighthearted dance that warmed the audience's hearts. Brandeis welcomed University of Massachusetts, Lowell’s dance team ProtoHype to share the stage. The last few performances were inspired by love and passion.  “In the morning,” choreographed by ITZY, was a debut performance about obsessive love by Brandeis’ dance group WASYTER. “Wild Love,” choreographed by Eilenne Grossman ’26, looked at the expression of feelings and the idea of just living in the moment. 

“Francesca,” choreographed by Sophia Lombardi ’26, is a special piece, as it was about loss and love but specifically created for her parents Ernesto and Michele, and in memory of Francesca, someone who the choreographer knew closely. Lastly, designed by Irina Znamirowski ’24, “InAeternum Incertum” is a piece that looks at all the uncertainty of life and allows the audience to grapple with their own unknowns.

The Adagio fall showcase was a beautifully curated showcase of the talent Brandeis carries and the importance of artistic expression.

— Editor’s Note: Justice Photo editor Eliza Bier ’26, Justice Layout editor Anna Martin ’26, and Justice Ads editor Elizabeth Liu ’26 are members of Adagio Dance Company and did not contribute to this story.