At its Oct. 8 meeting, the Student Union Senate chartered one new club, elected a Brandeis Sustainability Fund representative, held a policy discussion, and confirmed new Executive Board members. 

Lígia Azevedo ’25 and Ingrid Nascimento ’24 requested that the Senate charter the Brazilian Student Association. BRASA’s purpose is to provide a supportive space for students to learn about Brazilian culture.  

The Senate chartered the Brazilian Student Association by acclamation. 

Charles River Quad Senator Kat Xikes ’26, who is the chair of the Facilities, Housing, and Transportation Committee, wants to put up flyers advertising a survey students can fill out to report housing problems. 

Senator Sahil Muthuswami ’24, chair of the Health and Safety Committee, will submit a Senate Money Resolution to buy COVID-19 tests for students. Senators can use SMRs to request funding for an initiative. They would need to notify Mid-Year and Executive Senator Matthew Norris ’26 and Vice President Erica Hwang ’25 to put the SMR on the meeting’s agenda and pitch it to the Senate. Then, the Senate will discuss and vote on it.  

Hwang asked for people to run for the position of Brandeis Sustainability Fund Representative. Senator Eamonn Golden ’24 explained that the BSF is a $55,000 fund that the University had previously administered but is now under Student Union control. The BSF Representative would be a Student Union representative on the board that votes on projects and chooses which ones receive funding. The Senate Sustainability Committee Chair used to be the BSF representative, but this year the position will be elected by a plurality vote. Senator Vivienne Scott ’26 was the only candidate running and was chosen to be the BSF Representative. 

The Senate held a brainstorming session to discuss policy ideas addressing the following: adjusting dining hall plans, fixing problems with the GrubHub app, creating more quality and diverse food options, providing more student parking, reducing single-use plastic usage, adding shower heads to Village bathrooms, and sprucing up the first-year dorms. 

The Senate confirmed Roee Maor ’24 as director of outreach; Xan Maddock-Mark ’25 as appointed head treasurer; Rani Balakrishna ’25 as director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and Clay Napurano ’24 as Director of Health and Wellness. President Noah Risley ’24 appointed all the nominees.