With the start of the new school year, the University has welcomed another class of incoming students to campus. According to the article published in BrandeisNow, the total enrollment of current first-years is estimated to be 873, over 100 less than the estimated 1007 that joined the Brandeis community last year as members of the class of 2026. The estimated acceptance rate for the class of 2027 was 35%, which is 4% lower than the previous year’s 39% acceptance rate. 

The mean high school grade point average for these students is 3.9, with the average SAT scores falling between 1410 and 1510. According to College Board's numbers from June 2022, this estimate puts most of the class of 2027 between the 97th and 99th percentile in comparison to a national sample of test takers. 

The class of 2027 is made up of students from many different backgrounds all over the world. This year, 20% of the students are international. They come from 33 different countries. Although the University has not specified the countries that these international students represent, a 2021 report suggests that a sizable portion of students hail from China, India, Vietnam, Canada, and Brazil, among numerous others. Furthermore, the aforementioned BrandeisNow article reports that the first-year class features students from 40 states across America, with 18% of them being first-generation university students. 

In an email to the Brandeis community, University President Ronald Liebowitz spoke on the Supreme Court decision that overturned affirmative action in higher education, barring universities from factoring a prospective student’s race. He stated, “We believe that diversity is crucial to academic excellence, innovation, and the free exchange of ideas. We will comply with [the Supreme Court] ruling, but the decision does not change our commitment to these ideals.” 

This new class enters the University community on the 75th anniversary of its founding, ready to take on the challenge of embodying the Brandeis spirit.