The Student Union Senate chartered a new club and heard two Senate bill proposals on April 2, its last meeting before the Passover and Spring Break. Secretary Carol Kornworcel ’26 also presented several minor edits she made to the Student Union Constitution.

Kornworcel said the changes, of which there are over 300, were “nothing substantial,” and mainly pertained to making the document’s formatting consistent. The Senate approved the edits by acclamation.

Executive Sen. Eamonn Golden ’24 also gave an update on the meal plans for next semester, which Harvest Table is changing from previous years. Though he could not comment on specifics, Golden hinted that the plan would be similar to those at Georgetown University. Georgetown has a meal plan which gives students unlimited swipes at their dining hall.

Sen. Tyler Johnson ’26 presented Senate Bill 8, which he said will require “each branch head [to] file publicly available meeting notes and minutes for their meetings.”

Golden presented Senate Bill 9, which would eliminate “voting to expedite” when the Union votes on Senate Money Resolutions. Currently, if the Senate wants to vote on an SMR the same week it is proposed, they must first vote to expedite the measure. If Senate Bill 9 passes, this will no longer be required. The Senate will vote on both bills after the break.

Layla Hay ’25, treasurer of Poker Power Brandeis, asked that the Senate charter the club. She said the club’s purpose is to create a “feminist community of allies through the teaching and learning of poker.” The Senate chartered the club by acclamation.