This week, Mercury enters Taurus and your second house of income. You’ll have ten weeks with this energy to make any changes to your finances and stay committed to implementing new ideas. On Thursday, the romantic Libra full moon in your seventh house of relationships brings clarity and courage to possibly discuss future steps with a partner or take a chance and express your feelings to someone new! It’s peak time for manifesting love and romance, but this energy applies to business and creative collaborations as well. You should take the lead in these collaborations — something you are no stranger to!


Starting this week, Mercury moves into Taurus, giving you an extra seven weeks of communicative energy until June 11. Focus on finding the right time and way to express yourself without being reactive or locking horns with others. Use this extra creative time and energy to develop your innovative ideas! The Libra full moon this Thursday urges you to prioritize your wellness and seek out inspiring workouts or indulge in healthy foods. Stay mindful of your mind-body connection during this time, Taurus; don’t over-exert yourself. Major career opportunities may also arise, so keep an eye out for promising leads and networking opportunities.


 As Mercury moves into your twelfth house of spirituality this week, you may experience a surge of creative and visionary ideas over the next ten weeks. This is a good time for spiritual growth and self-healing, so try to balance your left-brain processing with nonverbal expressions like meditation and yoga. The Libra full moon on Thursday will energize your fifth house of passion and self-expression. This is a great time to potentially confess some romantic feelings! It’s important to surround yourself with people who celebrate your unique qualities and to shift to a mindset of self-love, especially with spring break upon us! 


Social networking and activism is big this week for you, Cancer! Mercury’s transit through your eleventh house of networking and activism until June 11 will bring opportunities to connect with innovators, attend lectures, and update your online profiles. The full moon in Libra on Thursday will activate your fourth house of home and family. Feel free to utilize this energy to transform your living space into a sanctuary. Make sure to be honest with yourself about how you feel in your living space and maybe use this upcoming spring break to make necessary changes to create a safe haven for yourself.


Get ready to focus on work as Mercury enters your career-driven tenth house from April 3 until June 11! It’s important to take action early to see results and focus on common goals and shared values to network effectively. A Libra full moon coming up this Thursday in your third house of friendship and socialization will bring relationships with friends, neighbors, and siblings into review, giving you an opportunity to prioritize the important connections. This full moon may also bring back unfinished business from the last Libra new moon from September, and accelerate research or deals related to communication and transportation.


Mercury has moved into Taurus, and come to your ninth house of travel and will stay there until June 11, bringing with it plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure. This also brings up the importance of seeking out new experiences, both personally and intellectually, and embracing multicultural mingling. Thursday’s Libra full moon landing in your second house of finances encourages you to aim for excellence rather than perfection. It may reveal new financial strategies, or highlight accounting errors and unpaid bills. This moon also can inspire you to explore your own strengths and consider branching out into a field that can make the best use of these gifts.


Starting April 3, Mercury will move into Taurus and your eighth house. With this, you may feel compelled to solve puzzles in your life, and you may feel more inclined to decipher the hidden meanings behind people’s words and actions. This is also a great time to focus on your intimate life, but you should be mindful of your emotions as they could get intense! On April 8, the full moon in Libra will highlight any hard work you’ve been doing lately! This reminds you that you should stop fussing over details and just present your work to the world.


Starting April 3, Mercury will be in Taurus — and therefore your seventh house of partnerships — and you will have a unique opportunity to deepen communication and share emotions in their relationships. Single? Perhaps you should focus on attraction rather than hunting in terms of partners. On April 8, you will experience a Libra full moon that can encourage releasing emotional baggage and ending unhealthy relationships. You may find it difficult to let go, but doing so can really relieve yourself of some emotional weight. Accepting and acknowledging past traumas can help you rewire instinctive behavior and choose to act differently in the future.


Sagittarius, starting April 3 and lasting until June 11, Mercury will be in your sixth house, giving you the chance to focus on the details and bring order to your life. This includes your health and self-care and potentially recruiting people to help streamline your operations. Don’t be afraid to ask for help during this time! The Libra full moon on Thursday will make you re-evaluate your relationships, and you may decide to cut ties with negative influences. This full moon could also bring success in work alliances and the possibility of meeting someone on a dating app.


Starting April 3, Mercury’s return to Taurus in your fifth house brings a playful and creative energy to your life. You should feel encouraged to step away from work and let your creativity run free! This phase could also potentially reactivate your flirtatious side! The Libra full moon on April 7 in your tenth house of ambition and success could bring exciting career news, like a promotion or a new job. If you are not happy with your current job, this is the time to speak up. This full moon can help you shatter any remnants of a glass ceiling and spark the change you desire.


Mercury enters Taurus on April 3 and will be in your fourth house until June 11, prompting you to potentially spend more quality time with your loved ones at home. You may also consider making some additions to your living space! The Libra full moon on April 7 enhances your ninth house’s power, fueling a desire for travel and higher education. It’s a good time to plan for future trips, research destinations, and look into learning new skills. This full moon may also bring a turning point for entrepreneurial ventures or provide fresh ideas to help your career take off! 


Mercury’s entry into Taurus April 3 signals a great time for local adventures and communication until June 11. It could also be a good time to upgrade your transportation and social media presence. The Libra full moon on April 7 in your eighth house highlights the need to deepen intimacy and potentially merge assets with your partner, but be clear about your intentions and don’t let emotions take over. Be careful not to push too hard or alienate your partner during this vulnerable time. Set intentions and surrender to higher forces for the best outcome.