The Student Union Senate approved several clubs and passed multiple Senate resolutions at its March 26 meeting. Executive Senator Eamonn Golden ’24 also introduced a constitutional amendment which the student body will vote on in the near future. The amendment would change the way representatives of the Brandeis University Alumni Association are selected. Currently, the position is elected, but if the amendment passes, the alumni association would select the two representatives themselves. The Student Union Senate would then have the ability to confirm or reject the association’s choices. The amendment would also allow the association to remove the representatives at any time, with a majority vote of the Senate. In order for the amendment to be adopted, two-thirds of students must vote in support of it, not including abstentions.

Golden also presented a Senate bill to change the policy of confidentiality surrounding the executive board. In the past, the contents of all executive board meetings were considered confidential. The new bill, which the Senate passed by acclamation, makes it so that executive board discussions are no longer secret by default. Instead, either the president can declare, or executive board members can decide by a majority vote to make items confidential.

Sen. Tyler Hupart ’26 proposed a Senate bill that he said would clarify language in the bylaws surrounding what it means for a senator to abstain from voting. The Senate expedited and approved the bill by acclamation.

Jacob Krah ’23 and Ohemaa Pipim ’24 presented their club, Salvation Youth, to the Senate so that it could be chartered. Pipim said that the club’s purpose is to “spread the Gospel and get closer with Christ.” The Senate chartered Salvation Youth by acclamation.

Logan Miller ’26 requested that the Senate give probationary status to the Jewelry-making club. Miller said that jewelry is a “wonderful form of self-expression,” and that the club will hold workshops for students interested in learning various jewelry-making techniques. The Senate gave probationary status to the club by acclamation.

Ethan Ott ’25 and Rashail Wasim ’25 requested that the Senate give probationary status to the Brandeis Angling Student Society. They said that the club would give interested students the opportunity to learn how to tie knots and participate in catch-and-release fishing in the local area. The Senate gave probationary status to BASS by acclamation.

Rebekah Loeffler ’24 and Jana Antic ’23 asked the Senate for probationary status for the Carceral Awareness, Reform, and Education club. Antic said that the club’s purpose is to host formerly incarcerated people as speakers to educate students on the problems with America’s criminal justice system. The Senate approved the club by acclamation.

The Senate also voted by acclamation to de-charter several inactive clubs. Golden said that the clubs have not completed necessary club leader training, have not held any events, and have no active members.

The Senate also approved by acclamation funding for Acappellooza, a concert with all of Brandeis’ a cappella groups. According to Vice President Nicholas Kanan ’23, the groups are not able to fund the event themselves because a different Brandeis group had promised to fund them and then not followed up.

Editor’s note: Justice Production Assistant Noah Risley ’24 is the chief justice of the Student Union and did not contribute to the reporting or editing of this article.