The Student Union Senate chartered three new clubs at its Oct. 30 meeting, all of which the Senate had granted probationary status during the last academic year. The Senate also voted to give probationary status to the Chinese Students & Scholars Association, which they had originally voted against at last week’s meeting.

The CSSA returned to the Senate this week to ask again to receive probationary status. Last week, Associate Justice Maxwell Lerner ’23 expressed concerns that the CSSA would be one of two Chinese cultural clubs that already exist. Joey Zhang ’23, co-president of CSSA, said that one of the main purposes of the club is to help international students make connections outside of Brandeis with former CSSA members.

Immediately after the club finished its presentation, the Senate entered a 20-minute executive session to further discuss the club. After the executive session ended, the Senators voted by roll call on the club’s probationary status. Of the 15 senators present, 10 voted in favor, two abstained, and three voted against it. Since 10 “yeses” were required for the vote to carry, the CSSA received probationary status.

Skye Liu ’23 came to the Senate to present her club, Mood Psychology. Liu said that the purpose of the club, which is a chapter of an American NGO, is to provide Chinese international students with adequate mental health resources, specifically in Mandarin. Liu also said that the Brandeis Counseling Center hired its first Mandarin-speaking counselor as a result of her organization’s work. The Senate chartered Mood Psychology by acclamation.

Ofri Levinson ’25 and Ben Bar Zvi ’23, co-presidents of Mishelanu, came to ask that the Senate charter their club. They explained that Mishelanu is an Israeli cultural club that primarily focuses on sharing Israeli food and music with interested students. The Senate chartered Mishelanu by acclamation.

Jolecia Saunderson ’24 came to present the Multicultural Hair Art and Empowerment Club. Saunderson said that the club’s purpose is to “celebrate Black artists and Black hair.” Saunderson also said that the club has held numerous events related to hair care and art. The Senate chartered the Multicultural Hair Art and Empowerment Club by acclamation.

Union Vice President Lia Bergen ’25 said at the meeting that the results of the recent elections were in and that the Union would be announcing them soon.