The Student Union Senate chartered two clubs and approved the name change of three clubs. Director of Accessibility Hana Miller ’25 informed the Senate of an executive money resolution, which the e-board approved, for funding the upcoming “Sundown Scream” event. Miller said that it is an inexpensive and stress-relieving event intended to help students around finals time.

Joseph Pendleton ’24, president of the Effective Altruism club, presented on why the club should be chartered by the Senate. Pendleton said that effective altruism is a movement which seeks to make the “biggest possible impact with limited resources.” The Senate chartered Effective Altruism by acclamation.

President Zachary Mecenas ’23 of Brandeis Club Squash asked that the Senate both charter and change the name of the club. Mecenas said that Club Squash is a “gathering place for people interested in learning and playing squash.” He also said that in order to become a club sport, the Club Squash had to change its name to Squash Club. The Senate approved both the chartering and the name change by acclamation.

Brandeis eSports club’s president, Griffin Dugan ’25, asked that the Senate change the club’s name to Brandeis PC Gaming Club. Dugan said that students expressed disinterest in participating in a sport-related gaming club, so the club’s leaders wanted to change the name to be more reflective of students’ interests. The Senate approved the name change by acclamation.

Inaara Gilani ’23, president of the Women of Color Alliance, requested that the Senate change the organization’s name to Femmes of Color Alliance. Gilani said that non-binary and transgender students requested this change in order to make the club more inclusive. The Senate approved the name change by acclamation.