On Wednesday, Sept. 7, the University released its Annual Fire Safety and Security Report for 2022. A formal notice of the report’s publication was emailed to all Brandeis students by University Chief of Public Safety Matthew Rushton. This notice included a link to Brandeis’ Public Safety website, where the full report is currently available. 

Brandeis is required by law to publish its security report by Oct. 1 each year, the email said. The report is composed by the Brandeis Department of Public Safety, which includes Brandeis University Police, the student-run EMS service, BEMCo security officers, Transportation Services, Parking and Traffic management, and Emergency Preparedness.

Public Safety partners with several individuals and departments across campus to ensure that the information it reports is as comprehensive as possible. Although the report is required, in the cover letter, Public Safety expressed its enthusiasm for this chance to publish it. In fact, Rushton states in the report that Public Safety is constantly “working on new and more effective ways to create opportunities for positive dialogue and share critical safety and crime prevention information with you.” 

In accordance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, the Jeanne Clery Act of 1998, and several other legal requirements, this report includes statistics for crimes that occurred from 2019 to 2021. The crimes included in the report were located on campus, in student housing, in off-campus university buildings, and on public property within Brandeis’ immediate vicinity. There were no reports of criminal homicide, robbery, or arson. However, 12 sexual offenses, seven cases of aggravated assault, four burglaries, one motor vehicle theft, nine cases of dating violence, five cases of domestic violence, and six cases of stalking were reported. While there were no arrests, a total of 294 students were referred for disciplinary action because of liquor law violations, 31 due to drug abuse violations, and one because of illegal weapons possession. 

The report also contains fire safety data for each of the residential buildings on campus. Each building has fire alarm monitoring done on-site, a full sprinkler system, smoke detection, a Class-A fire extinguisher device, and one fire evacuation drill per academic year. Additionally, North Quad, Charles River Quad, Ziv Quad, Village Quad, Ridgewood Quad, Skyline, and the Pomerantz/Rubenstein Building all feature carbon monoxide detectors. A total of seven fires occurred over the three year period that the report covers: one in 2019, two in 2020, and four in 2021.  

In addition to crime and fire safety statistics, the report explains how to report crimes and emergencies and how Brandeis Public Safety notifies campus in the event of a crime. It also provides information about the Department of Public Safety and the Brandeis Police; updated emergency response procedures; security and building access policies; the University’s response to instances of sexual and gender violence; procedures to ensure safety, security, and crime prevention on campus; Brandeis’ alcohol and drug use policies; and crime prevention tips.

Members of the Brandeis community can read the full report by visiting the Brandeis Department of Public Safety’s website, or by contacting Matthew Rushton at 781-736-4240 or mrushton@brandeis.edu.