Following two years of disruptions to in-person classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University will be returning to a pre-pandemic class structure. Provost Carol Fierke explained in an Aug. 22 email that having a remote option for classes will no longer be required for professors. 

With the lack of remote participation, “faculty have been encouraged to return to previous absence/make-up policies, which could be more generous or have an explicit exception for students who are required to isolate.”

Starting in September, students who find themselves in isolation or who are unable to attend class due to a medical reason will receive a letter in their medical file from the Health Center, according to the email. “The letter will not disclose the nature of the illness, only that a student has been instructed not to attend class for health reasons,” the email states, and students can share these letters with their professors. 

Additionally, faculty are not required to record and post their classes, although some may choose to continue to do so. “Students seeking alternatives to in-person attendance as an accommodation for a documented disability should contact the office of Student Accessibility Support,” the email states.

With a decrease in remote participation opportunities, Brandeis is inching closer to pre-pandemic learning and campus life.