The Student Union Senate discussed three clubs and passed a Senate Money Resolution for items related to the Midday Buffet event at its April 24 meeting, the last of the year.

The Midday Buffet, this semester’s replacement for the midnight buffet, will be held on May 3 in conjunction with the State of the Union address. The Senate passed an SMR to fund the food and decorations for the event, which cost about $5,000.

Tamara Rubin ’24, the president of the Poker Power Brandeis club, presented her club’s purpose and plans. Rubin said that the club will create a “feminist community of allies through the teaching and learning of poker,” which she said has traditionally been a male-dominated sport.

Poker Power is a national organization which Rubin said she wants to bring to Brandeis.

The Senate chartered her club by acclamation.

Marco Qin ’24 asked the Senate to charter the Brandeis Blockchain club. Qin said that the club would give students opportunities to work with professionals in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Qin also said that the club provides opportunities for people in a variety of fields, not just computer science or business. This, he said, would help to prepare students for jobs which do not yet exist. “[We] want to educate people because this is the future,” Qin said.

Sen. Audrey Sequeira ’24 expressed concern that the club was not being actively inclusive enough to people other than men. Though Qin said that the club was open to all, and planned on having a “female” speaker, Sequeira said that the club “should be more actively inclusive [and] not just passively say they don’t discriminate.”

The Senate voted not to charter the Blockchain club.

Sydney Schur ’24, president of the Pottery Club, requested that the Senate approve a change to her club’s constitution which would clarify positions on the club’s e-board. The Senate approved the change by acclamation.

Sen. Sahil Muthuswami ’24 told the Senate that repairs have started on the main stairwell leading down to East Quad, which should be finished over the summer.