The Student Union Senate announced a major change to this semester’s State of the Union address and Midnight Buffet. The Senate also chartered two clubs, Brandeis Impact Club and Salvation International Prayer Youth Ministry.

Ashna Kelkar ’24, currently the acting vice president, said that due to a variety of issues with last semester’s Midnight Buffet, including insufficient food, shirts, long waits, and music quality issues, the State of the Union address will be combined with a larger event. This event, Kelkar said, is not a midnight buffet, but will fulfill a similar purpose of helping students de-stress around finals.

Kelkar has been the acting vice president since Courtney Thrun ’22’s resignation on April 5.

Leo Chen ’23 presented to the Senate on behalf of the Brandeis Impact Club, which he said would “build bridges between students and the not-for-profit world” by connecting students with non-profit industry leaders.

This club is not the same as Deis Impact, or the University’s diversity, equity, and inclusion festival, which took place March 30 and April 1 respectively.

The Senate chartered Brandeis Impact by acclamation.

Ohemaa Pipim ’24 and Agnes Nkansah M.B.A. ’22 requested that the Senate charter their club, the Salvation International Prayer Youth Ministry. Pipim said that the organization is a “bible believing youth group” which started as a high school organization but has since moved into college life on multiple campuses, including the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Lowell, as well as Dartmouth College.

Nkansah, a student at the Heller School, said that the club is rebuilding after COVID-19, but that they used to draw crowds of about 20 to 30 people.

The Senate chartered the SIPYM by acclamation.