This week sees the very beginnings of Aries season and the astrological New Year! This brings more energetic, can-do vibes, a perfect match for the warmer weather approaching. This week also brings Mercury falling into Aries this Sunday, the 27. This could lead to very short attention spans on everyone’s part. Use this to your advantage —  keep things short and sweet and it might make more of an impact than a long, drawn out explanation. Keep an eye out for new passions that may arise this week, whether it be a new fling, new friendships or new opportunities. This new passion may fizzle out just as fast as it appeared. Allow things to take time to settle down, and plant roots before going headfirst. 


Happy astrological New Year, Taurus! Use this extra Aries energy to spark new flames in your life! However, don’t get too caught up in the fast-paced Aries season: make sure not to put too much on your plate. This Sunday, Mercury leaves your 11th house and enters Aries in your 12th house of spirituality and karma. As Mercury is the communication planet, you may be feeling some “divine intervention” or spiritual inspiration. Allow inspiration to come from unexpected sources, and really just roll with the punches the next few weeks, Taurus. Mercury in Aries is a great opportunity to take hold of any anxiety or nerves that may be plaguing you and make breakthroughs by communicating with others and through various types of therapy. 


Aries season is upon us, Gemini, as is the start of the astrological New Year! Some tips for this Aries season: listen to your emotions, especially your anger. Aries is a fire sign, and the first sign of the zodiac, often nicknamed the baby of the zodiac, so you may find yourself feeling more passionate or impulsive about even the smallest issues. Find some outlet for your anger in a healthy way this Aries season! Also keep in mind, Mercury enters Aries this Sunday, landing in your 11th house of community. You may find yourself at the height of popularity at this time! Take advantage of it. Spend quality time with friends and prioritize your free time for what you want to do!


Love yourself a little extra this Aries season, Cancer! Aries is the ruler of self-love, and it is important to embrace that this season! Think a little extra about the people in your life and what they contribute. Prioritize those who serve you well, and think a little extra about those who may not have the best intentions. Mercury lands in Aries this Sunday, and right into your 10th house of long-term goals and your career. You may see a boost in your charisma and communication skills. Reach out to some connections this month, or even schedule an interview during this time. Keep in mind how important networking is, and communication being boosted in that area during this time allows you to make the most of what you have! 


Listen to your heart this Aries season, Leo. You might feel an extra boost of energy thanks to the sun currently being in your fellow fire sign Aries right now, but don’t let that get the best of you. Take the time this season to ask yourself what is worth your energy. Putting too much on your plate at once can overwhelm you and potentially cause burnout. As Mercury enters Aries this Sunday, it will land in your ninth house of adventure and travel. Widen your horizons during this time! Perhaps attend an event or panel about another culture, or join a cultural club on campus, or even just get out into Waltham and find new local places to eat or shop!


Keep an eye on your stress levels this Aries season, Virgo! As your sign is stereotyped as being somewhat of a “control-freak,” this chaotic and passionate Aries season may leave you more stressed than carefree. Take control of the potential bursts of inspiration and energy you may get this season by writing down your ideas and scheduling plans ahead of time. Even with this pre-planning, some chaos can be expected during this season. Learn to open up to what you can’t control, and allow things to go in the direction they are headed. Mercury lands in Aries and your eighth house of intimacy and finances this Sunday. Be open to talking about your wants and needs with those around you. And be on the lookout for passionate emotions occurring during this time as well. Don’t blow up on someone who may not deserve it!


Relationships take priority this next week, Libra! With the Sun currently in Aries and Mercury joining in your seventh house of relationships and partnerships this Sunday, relationships rise in priorities for you! Mercury leaving your productive sixth house could lead to a drop in productivity or motivation, so keep an eye out for that! However, embrace that your personal relationships may be a higher priority these next few weeks! Plan some dates with your significant other or even a friend date, and spend some quality time with the people who matter to you the most! If you are currently single, now may be the time to put yourself out there and try a new dating site or give someone your number! The law of attraction works, you just need to put in the effort!


Start spring cleaning, Scorpio! Mercury lands in Aries in your sixth house of organization and order this upcoming Sunday! With the Sun in this placement as well, spring cleaning may be at the forefront of your mind the next few weeks. Whether it’s cleaning your room or clearing out your email inbox, take some extra time to prioritize your mental and physical wellbeing and clear out anything that may be causing stress. Don’t try to do too much at once, though. It is never a bad thing to ask for help, especially when cleaning a shared space. Use this Aries season’s “go-getter” attitude to motivate your roommates to help make your space neat and tidy! The sixth house also rules physical health, perhaps use the nice weather this week as an excuse to get outside and get moving! 


Romance is on the rise for you this week, Sagittarius! As the astrological New Year begins in Aries, Mercury is also moving into Aries this Sunday, landing in your fifth house of romance and creativity. This double Aries energy combined with Mercury, the communication planet, might lead you to have a major boost in creativity, fun opportunities, and general good vibes. Make plans with friends, a significant other, or anyone who wants to have a good time these next few weeks. You deserve it! Be adventurous; plan a fun, unexpected night out with friends. Maybe even go on some dates and open yourself up to new romantic opportunities. Go into this new year with an open mind and a good attitude and really start the astrological year off right! 


Aries season and the start of the astrological New Year brings new life and energy to you, Capricorn! Mercury falls into Aries and your fourth house of domesticity this Sunday! With spring cleaning underway, your place of residence may become a hive for activity. Especially with Mercury being the communication planet, this is the perfect time to plan a fun night in with your friends or significant other. Have a karaoke night, TV marathon, or even a long-awaited gossip sesh! Some solitary self-care activities are always appreciated during this time as well, especially when Aries rules self-love! Splurge on yourself, Capricorn: prepare for the upcoming nice weather by treating yourself to a pedicure or a new summer wardrobe! 


Communication is on the rise for you this Aries season! As energy and new beginnings are on the rise with the start of the astrological year, Mercury swings into Aries in your third house of communication this Sunday! If you have been meaning to do anything involving writing, speaking, etc. now is the time to get started on that! Even just making an outline for a new project could inspire you more than you think! You may also feel incredibly social in the next few weeks, Aquarius! Any social events will fill that desire for chatting and catching up with friends, even just meeting for dinner or attending game nights. Focus on your communication and harness the power it gives you, as it will become your superpower in the next few weeks! 


Finances rise in your priorities this week, Pisces! With Aries season and the astrological year just getting started, you may be feeling slightly more energetic and inspired than you were previously! Mercury sails into Aries this upcoming Sunday and right into your second house of finances and work! Use this extra energy and clarity about your money to your advantage! Perhaps rework your budget, or start saving up for an upcoming trip! If you are already feeling pretty confident as far as finances go, perhaps use this energy to focus on some other second house rulers, such as your priorities or habits. Cut any habits that may not be serving you and focus your priorities for this new year!