On Friday, March 25, the University notified the Brandeis community that some of the former COVID-19 precautions would be reimplemented. Masking is once again required at events with 20 or more attendees. The email stated, "we are currently experiencing the highest number of quarantining and isolating students at any point since COVID arrived," and warned that, "with April break, finals, and Commencement in the not-too-distant future, the last thing anyone wants is to return to more significant restriction." 

According to the Brandeis COVID-19 dashboard, since March 6, 195 Brandeis students have tested positive for COVID-19, causing more students to self-isolate and quarantine. The new positive tests are mostly linked to off-campus events, according to contact-tracing data. In the past week, 110 students tested positive, compared to zero staff and faculty members — who are no longer required to test.

Students continue to have mixed feelings about the changes. Jillian Brosofsky ’23 was skeptical of reducing testing and masking. “It just kind of scared me that we weren't being as cautious as we were at the beginning, and it felt very irresponsible to open up so fast just because 'we want you guys to have a normal college experience.'” Others don't find the changes very alarming. Ayla Wrubel ’25, who had COVID-19 two weeks ago, is comfortable with the loosening of rules. She believes that keeping campus safe and promoting a sense of normalcy is a balancing act, but argues that “[COVID-19] should not stop us from continuing to enjoy campus activities in person, as a community.”