Shneider said that the proposed budget is similar to those from previous years, though she and Hopen increased spending on certain items. The proposal increases spending on Turkey Shuttles for next semester because the cost of those from last semester was $4000 over budget.

Hopen also said that this year’s budget proposal was divided up into more sections in order to give clarity on what the treasury is using its funds for. “[We want] increased accountability so that allocations do not seem arbitrary,” Hopen said.

The Senate will vote on the proposal next week.

Nai Qashou ’22 and Abdukadir Ibrahim ’22 of the Network of Arab Students came to update the Senate on the club’s activities so far this semester and to request that the Senate charter the organization.

Qashou said that the club creates a community that discusses Arab history, culture, and identity. She also said that the NAS had become an Intercultural Center club, a subcategory of student organizations which are generally related to specific cultures, and are based in the ICC in East Quad.

The Senate chartered the club by acclamation.

The Brandeis Haircutting club was supposed to present at the meeting, but no representatives attended. Thrun rescheduled the club to present next week.