Brandeis University is to be commended for disassociating itself from MESA, the Middle East Studies Association. MESA has voted to embrace Omar Barghoutis antisemitic genocidal BDS movement
 Barghouti, the founder of BDS, said as early as 2005 that the sole purpose of BDS is the euthanasia of Israel. A student of history, Barghouti knows full well that the Nazi T4 Euthanasia Program was the foundation of the Final Solution of the Jews as enacted in the Wannsee Protocols in January 1942. His use of the word euthanasia leaves no doubt he founded BDS to continue the antisemitic eliminationist mission formalized by Reinhard Heydrich and Adolf Eichmann at the Wannsee Conference.  
Further, MESA, by embracing a boycott of the Jewish population of Israel, has emulated Joseph Goebbels and his Brown Shirts’ boycott of the Jewish population of Germany. The Nazis had a word for the antisemitic world that every member of MESA now is committed to: gleichschaltung.
Brandeis’ principled decision keeps it far away from the antisemitic muck that MESA is permanently covered with.
— Richard Sherman, POB 934853, Margate, FL.