Dear Editor:

University Services and Brandeis Dining would like to respond to the BiteU app malfunction points covered in the recent article by The Justice.  This feedback is valued, and as a result, we have recently conducted four Bite customer tabling sessions, with little participation, outside the Upper Food Court.  Most students who we spoke with had no complaints and stated it works for them and that they use the app frequently and they like having the ability to order ahead.  There is nothing that indicates there is a widespread problem.  Any bugs or glitches we do experience or receive comments on are fixed in real time. 

Currently we continue to receive and fulfill about 1,700 orders through Bite daily.  Of all those orders, we average two or three comments per week through the bite feedback mechanism.  Most of these are students not able to link a credit card or other technical issue that we are always able to walk them through.  Less than once per week, we get a comment about something missing from an order which we fix or issue a refund. 

We encourage community members with concerns to speak to one of Dining's onsite management team members, utilize the Bite Help and Support link on the app located on your profile tab, or by using

We appreciate your feedback.

Jeffrey Hershberger

Director, University Services

Sodexo at Brandeis Dining Services Team