Take it easy this week, Aries! Mercury, the communication planet, is exiting Aquarius and entering Pisces in your twelfth house, which rules dreams, emotions, and secrets on March 9, meaning your emotions, dreams, etc. might be glossed-over. Take the time to allow yourself to rest and recharge during this time, as clear, concise communication may be hard to come by. Also, Thursday is a quarter moon in Gemini; this can provide some emotional insight for you this week. If you are worried or unsure about something, this could be the time to reconsider, and perhaps things will be illuminated for you! Don’t fret, Aries, your time is coming in just a few short weeks when the Sun enters Aries on March 20, and Mercury enters Aries on March 27!


Teamwork is key this week for you! Mercury enters Pisces this week in your eleventh house, which governs social circles and your reception in society. Consider how you come off to people, and perhaps make some changes if anything doesn’t align with how you want to present yourself. First impressions are everything; make them count! Thursday’s quarter moon in Gemini in your second house of finances and values is really giving “it’s all about who you know” vibes. Take the time this week to remember that everyone you work with is a real person, and creating healthy professional relationships with those you work with can help you out of some really sticky situations in the future.


Mercury enters Pisces in your tenth house of ambition and success this Wednesday. While Mercury is in this sign, you will have opportunities to show your skills and step into the role of leader, if that’s what you want. Remember that showing your unique skills and personality can get you where you want to go in the future, so it is never a bad idea to take the reins on a project you know you can succeed on. Thursday’s quarter moon in Gemini can help clear up any unsure emotions you may be feeling this week. Reflect on your behavior, and ask yourself what you really want to put out into the world, and if you are currently doing so. 


Planning a trip sometime soon? Mercury enters dreamy Pisces in your ninth house of travel and adventure this Thursday! If you aren’t traveling this week, or are unable to do so, perhaps plan a vacation for later, especially when it gets warmer out. Even if it isn’t far, just exploring further in Waltham, or in the greater Boston area, could give you that “escape” feeling without needing to board a plane. With the quarter moon in Gemini this Thursday, keep an eye out for “coincidences,” signs, or symbols. This quarter moon lands in your twelfth house of feelings, dreams, and spirituality, so keep an eye out for any strange dreams you may have this week or strange coincidences, even if it’s just something as simple as two people recommending the same TV show. 


This week you are a magnet, Leo! With communication planet Mercury entering Pisces in your eighth house of seduction, you will have no problems winning people over this week. This looks like a good thing, but keep an eye on who wants to move into your inner circle this week, keep energy around that aligns with your own, and don’t make exceptions. Thursday’s quarter moon in Gemini lands in your eleventh house of social circles and impressions! Reach out to those in your inner circle if you find yourself needing help this week, and be proactive. Know what you want and what you need, and don’t be afraid to ask for it if you know someone can help you.


The energy is rising in your life, Scorpio! Mercury moves from Aquarius to Pisces in your fifth house of creativity and romance this Wednesday. Put in a little extra effort to celebrate this extra energy you have and wear that outfit you’ve been meaning to wear but haven’t gotten around to yet! Allow this creativity and energy to take over this week and you might be pleasantly surprised what you get yourself into. Keep an eye out this week with the quarter moon in Gemini in your controlling eighth house on Thursday – it might bring to light some consequences of your previous actions. Give yourself an opportunity to see these consequences and correct them if needed. 


Love is in the air this week! With Mercury entering Pisces in your seventh house of partnership, communication is key in any partnership or relationship for you this week. Even if you are not currently in a relationship, any partnership applies to this, like a best friend or even just a work partner. Make sure you communicate clearly and effectively this week: you don’t want anything getting mixed up in translation! If you have been holding something back from someone, this might be the time to open up to them. Thursday’s quarter moon in Gemini lands in your tenth house of social status and your career. Take some time this week to think about your career plan, and maybe make an appointment at Hiatt or academic advising to see if you are on track for your goals!  


After Mercury exits your creative fifth house and enters Pisces in your sixth house of organization and well-being this Wednesday, it is time to focus! Make sure you are taking care of yourself (a little self-care never hurt anyone and consider how stress affects your life). Maybe keep track of habits that may not be helping your general well-being looking at your screen time can help, even if it provides some harsh truths. This Thursday, the quarter moon in Gemini lands in your ninth house of travel and philosophy. Open yourself up to some more imaginative thinking this week; it might lead you down some paths you never would have taken before!


 After your energetic start to the year, you might be taken down a notch or two with Mercury entering Pisces in your fourth house of family and home this Wednesday. This can change your focus inward onto yourself, your familial relationships, and your living situation. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to isolate yourself, though, so take the time to reach out to your family or roommates and spend some quality time with them! This also comes into play on Thursday when the quarter moon falls into Gemini in your seventh house of partnership. Take the time to ask for help when you need it, and consider what you value in a partner this week. 


Energy is through the roof this week as Mercury enters Pisces in your third house of communication and transportation! With the warmer weather in store for this week, you may find a plethora of opportunities to go out and enjoy this change. Look around for opportunities to go out of your comfort zone! Remember, the third house is also the communication center and with Mercury the communication planet in this house, you are the communication master this week. If you have an essay or writing assignment you’ve been avoiding, this may be the time to start on that. Thursday’s quarter moon in Gemini may give you that extra push that you need as well, as this quarter moon falls in your sixth house of organization. Make sure you don’t put too much on your plate, though!


Consider your priorities this week, as Mercury enters Pisces in your second house of money and securities on Wednesday! Analytical Mercury can help you take hold of your finances and budget if you had maybe started this year off a little too excited. Consider your spending this week, keep track of any unnecessary spending – this would be the opportunity to get that under control. The upcoming quarter moon in Gemini in your fifth house of relationships on Thursday can help you turn your attention onto a special person in your life! Consider what relationships align with your needs and those that don’t this week. Plan for your future, and carefully consider who you want in your future, and who you don’t.


How has Pisces season been treating you thus far? It is about to get even better as Mercury, the communication planet, enters your sign of Pisces this Wednesday in your first house of self! Definitely don’t waste any of this extra energy, take this opportunity to enjoy it, and be the main character of your own story this season! Don’t second guess yourself this week, and be confident in your decisions and ideas. There will be obstacles along the way this season, but isn’t there always? You have the power to jump over the hurdles and truly succeed this week! Thursday’s quarter moon in Gemini in your fourth house of family and home might force you to slow down a bit at the end of this week. Take this time to practice some self care, call your family, or redecorate your room!