On Feb. 7, the University sent an email to the Brandeis community outlining changes made to on-campus COVID-19 restrictions. These changes were prompted by the “significant drop in positive cases on campus,” according to the email. The first difference is in mask policy: individuals on campus may now be allowed to take their masks off in a limited number of private spaces, such as private offices and enclosed lounges with up to four people, private labs, private rooms, and more, according to the COVID-19 response website. The email emphasized that even with this small change, the mask policies on campus are quite similar to those of the fall semester. 

The second easing of restrictions is for events on campus. Prior to this email, food and beverages were prohibited at indoor gatherings, but now, indoor events in large spaces with up to 50 percent capacity may offer food or beverages. This rule extends from 50 percent capacity to full capacity after Feb. 18 as long as positive cases on campus do not increase, stated the email. 

Lastly, the email outlined changes to travel restrictions. In time for the upcoming February break, the University suggested students review the Brandeis travel policies and take a rapid at-home test prior to returning to campus although they will not need to submit a negative test before coming back. The email also emphasized that individuals returning from travel will need to complete the travel quarantine and testing protocols once on campus. 

“While we are making these steps towards more normalized operations, it’s important to remember that COVID is still here,” stated the email. The University will continue to watch the data on positive COVID-19 test results and adjust restrictions and requirements accordingly. For more information on the COVID-19 restrictions on campus, refer to the COVID-19 Response website.