Last Thursday, the Brandeis women’s basketball team lost to Bridgewater State University 73-74. This loss means the Judges have a four-game losing streak and fall to 4-4 overall this season. 

At 3:37, the Judges were trailing the Bears 11-0. Of those 11 points, seven came from Bridgewater’s Sydney Bradbury ’23. The Judges called a 30 second timeout and finally, with 6:04 left in the quarter, Christina Bacon ’24 made a layup after an offensive rebound. The next point for the Judges was not earned until 3:56 left in the first half, when Caitlin Gresko ’25 made a layup. The Judges continued to make layups and closed the gap between themselves and the Bears. With 50 seconds left in the quarter, Tathiana Pierre '25 made a 3-point jump shot. The quarter ended with a score of 15–13 favoring Bridgewater State University. 

The second quarter started out with a 3-point jump shot by Mollie Obar ’25, which resulted in the Judges taking the lead with a score of 16-15. This lead was short lived, however, as the Bears earned four points from two layups bringing the score to 16-19. The Judges continued to trail the Bears for most of the second quarter which ended 32-25 favoring the Bears. 

The third quarter started with a 3-point jump shot by the Bears. In this quarter, the Bears obtained their largest lead of 11 points with 4:54 left in the third. After this, the Judges fiercely caught up with a layup by Gresko and back-to-back 3-point. jump shots by Obar. The third quarter ended 56–48 favoring the Bears. 

The fourth quarter started off with missed layups on both sides. With 8:38 left in the game, Obar made a 3-point jump shot. From then on, the teams fought to bring the final score to 74–73. In the last two seconds, the Judges attempted to take the lead in the form of a missed layup by Gresko. 

Thus far in the season, the team is led by Camila Casanueva ’22 with 13.9 points per game. She is followed by Gresko and Emma Reavis ’23 with 9.8 and 9.5 points per game respectively. Casanueva also leads the time in minutes per game with 32.6 followed by Franchesca Marchese ’23 and Revis with 27.9 and 27.1 minutes per game.

Next Tuesday, the Judges are scheduled to play Eastern Nazarene College followed by Gordon College on Friday Dec. 31.