Waltham municipal elections are scheduled to take place on Tuesday, Nov. 2 at polling locations and through mail-in and early voting. Five wards in Waltham have uncontested races, one ward possesses a guaranteed outcome, and three will decide their winners with the results from the polls. 

Ward 1’s city councilor is Anthony Lafauci. Caren Dunn holds the same uncontested position for Ward 2, George Darcy for Ward 3, John McLaughlin for Ward 4, Sean Durkee for Ward 6 and Cathyann Harris for Ward 8. 

Contested races whose constituents will vote to decide new councilors include Ward 5, 7 and 9. Voters will also have the chance to vote on the Waltham school district committee members. 

In order for constituents to get to know both those running and pertinent issues in the community, the City of Waltham hosted a series of online events in October to educate the public. One event, “Green Possibilities City Council Candidate Forums” took place Oct. 13, 19 and 22. According to the City of Waltham website, the League of Women Voters of Waltham and the Waltham Alliance for Teaching, Community Organizing and Housing hosted a forum on Oct. 14, 20 and 21 via Zoom at which contestants for school committee and city councilor could answer any questions. 

Candidates for school committee positions include Elizabeth AlJammal, John Frassica, Renee Arena and Debra Coleman. All candidates have steadily promoted their races through their online social media presence as well as their websites. 

In-person voting for the elections will run at polling locations from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 2. The deadline for voting registration was Oct. 13. Voters can find their polling locations on the Waltham City website and on Massachusetts secretary William Francis Galvin’s website.