The Student Union Senate met briefly on Halloween and discussed two Senate Money Resolutions relating to the upcoming “Midnight Buffet.” The Senate also decided on the status of Herbicide Free Brandeis, which was seeking to become a probationary club.

The first SMR, presented by Sen. Shannon Smally ’22, was for T-shirts for the “Midnight Buffet.” Smally said that the 500 tees –– more than the Union usually orders for this event –– would cost $2,375. The reason for the increased order size, Smally said, was due to the increased number of students on campus this semester compared to last year.

Smally said that because of continuing supply-chain irregularities due to COVID-19, the T-shirts might take more time to arrive, and so the Union should order them sooner. To do this, the Senate had to expedite the vote to approve the SMR.

The Senate voted by acclamation to approve the expedition, and then again by acclamation to approve the purchase.

The second SMR was primarily for the catering costs of the “Midnight Buffet.” As with the T-shirts, Smally said, the increased student presence on campus drove up necessary costs over budget. Because of the larger student body, there will also be less food per person.

Smally said that students would go through the buffet once and be served by Student Union members.

The total cost for the food was about $4,500, and with the various costs associated with catering and hosting an event, the total of the SMR was about $6,300. The Senate will vote on this SMR at the next meeting.

Emily McKerrow ’24 from Herbicide Free Brandeis came to present the club’s purpose and request to gain probationary status. McKerrow gave a brief presentation which covered the group’s purpose and structure.

HFB, McKerrow said, aims to “advocate for organic land care on Brandeis’ campus in order to create a more sustainable living and learning environment.”

After the presentation, Union Vice President Courtney Thrun ’22 put McKerrow in the Zoom waiting room so the Senate could deliberate.

“Their club is a great idea, but it needs guidance or else it won’t go anywhere,” Thrun said.

The Senate decided to postpone the vote, and recommended that HFB meet with the club support committee in order to further prepare for their next appearance before the Senate.

Sen. Skye Liu ’23, chair of the Senate Health and Safety committee, informed the Senate that the Student Sexuality Information Services, not her committee, was responsible for refilling the Plan B in the Shapiro Campus Center  vending machine, and so she was unable to have the machine refilled.