The Senate voted by acclamation to approve the Senate Money Resolution on Nov. 7, which Sen. Shannon Smally ’22 proposed the previous week. The $6000 SMR, slightly over budget due to an increased student population on campus, provides funding for catering, utensils, staff and decorations for this semester’s Midnight Buffet.

The Midnight Buffet is a semesterly event held around finals season to provide students with a low-stress activity during what is often a busy time of the semester.

Smally said that by using sustainable plates and utensils for the event, the Union was able to save over $200 because the cost of the items was covered by the Brandeis Sustainability Fund.

Vice President Courtney Thrun ’22 also announced that Director of Health and Wellness Clay Napurano ’24 will hold the first “mental health walk” Saturday at 1:30 p.m., starting at the Brandeis Counseling Center. Napurano will lead the walk, which will encourage students to have open conversations about their mental health.

Sen. Sofia Lee ’24, a resident of East Quad, said that the University’s decision to give roommates to students living alone in East doubles in order to make room for mid-year students was unfair to students who want to continue living without a roommate. Sen. Sahil Muthuswami ’24, the East Quad Senator said that he would address these concerns in his meeting with Sen. Meli Jackson ’25, chair of the Facilities, Housing, and Transportation committee.

Additionally, Chief of Staff Jasmyne Jean-Remy ’22 announced over email earlier this week the results of the third round of special elections, which filled the rest of the allocations board and the seat of secretary, which has been empty since the impeachment and removal of former secretary James Feng ’22.

Cindy Chi ’25 won the position of Racial Minority Rep. to a-board. Chi said in her candidate bio that she hopes to use her position to fund more events to “celebrate various interests, goals and cultures.”

Sara Motoyama ’24 won the position of Racial Minority Rep. to a-board. Like Chi, Motoyama said in her candidate bio she wants to “better support the cultural enrichment across campus.”

Natalie Salzman ’25 won the three-semester seat on a-board. Salzman said in her bio she wants to listen to student opinions regarding how a-board distributes its budget.

Lauren Rifas ’24 won the three-semester seat on a-board. In her bio, Rifas said she is looking forward to working with a-board to support more of the cultural organizations on campus.

Sarah Kim ’25 won the three-semester seat on a-board. Kim said in her bio that she is committed to “equitable distribution of funds” for student organizations.

Michel Pollard ’22 won the position of secretary. In his bio, Pollard said he wants to use the position of secretary to “hold future elections in a fair and concise manner.”

The Senate did not charter, decharter or recognize any clubs at the meeting.