Aaron Rodgers, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, tested positive for COVID-19 after he declared that he was immunized prior to the start of the season. 

Rodgers’s vaccination status has not only taken the sports world by storm but has even been on the mind of country music legend Luke Bryant, who kicked off the Country Music Awards in Nashville this past weekend with a joke referencing Rodgers immunization status, according to a November 2021 Cosmopolitan article.

Rodgers, who is currently unvaccinated, tested positive for COVID-19 this past Wednesday according to a November 2021 ESPN article. The controversy surrounding this issue is not about Rodgers testing positive for COVID-19 but  about him stating  at a press conference in August, “Yeah, I’ve been immunized,” and now telling the public that he was not immunized with any of the three approved vaccines. 

Rodgers has stated that he is allergic to an ingredient that is present in two out of the three approved vaccines, and because of this he was undergoing treatment to raise his immunity. He appealed to the NFL to be considered vaccinated due to this immunity treatment but was denied. 

Rodgers admitted this past Tuesday that he stands by his comments that he made in the press conference in August, but acknowledges that he misled some people about his vaccination status, according to a November 2021 article by the Guardian. Because of this controversy, Wisconsin-based Preva Health ended a nine-year partnership deal with Rodgers, and State Farm Insurance — who sponsors Rodgers — issued a statement this past Monday disagreeing with Rodgers’ statements but indicated that they respect his right to have his own opinion.

Throughout this ordeal, teammate Davante Adams has tried not to pass judgement on to Rodgers, stating in a press conference that “It’s people’s lives they’ve got to figure out what they’re comfortable with,” according to ESPN. Green Bay Packers Coach Matt Lafluer said this past Friday that he was not planning on listening to Rodgers’ past interview, and that he believes his and others’ comments are a distraction. 

At the end of the day, Rodgers is focusing on getting better and back to the game that he loves. He said in a press conference this past Friday, “I’m an athlete. I’m not an activist. I’m going to get back to doing what I do best, and that’s playing ball. I shared my opinion. It wasn’t one that was come to frivolously.”