After the Student Union Senate voted not to charter the MAD Band on Oct. 3, the group returned to speak to the Senate on Oct. 10 to make its case yet again.

No MAD Band representative was present at the meeting. Instead, Sen. Charlotte Li ’24, chair of the club support committee, presented for MAD Band.

MAD Band is one of four clubs under the umbrella of the larger organization MARIMBA. Last week Sen. Joseph Coles ’22 said that MARIMBA should apply to be chartered if its clubs want funding, rather than having the Senate charter each club under its umbrella individually.

However, Li said this week that MARIMBA is inactive — its Presence website was removed and the three other clubs under its umbrella are already chartered.

The Senate chartered MAD Band by acclamation.

Social Justice committee chair Yael Trager ’24 said that, at her committee’s meeting this past week, they discussed improving access to mental health resources for international students who cannot access off-campus mental healthcare.

Dining committee chair Ashna Kelkar ’24 said that to-go sauce containers and cups are on the way, but worldwide supply-chain shortages will delay their arrival.

Coles proposed an amendment to the Union bylaws which aim to clarify and streamline the impeachment process. Additionally, the amendment would create a single document with all of the bylaws.Coles said that although the Senate was not in the process of impeaching any official, he wanted to prevent future ambiguity and confusion.

The amendment would require that all parties involved in the impeachment be notified 72 hours before the trial so that the Union official on trial would have time to prepare a defense.The amendment also gives both the presenter — the Union official presenting charges — and the respondent — the Union official on trial — 10 minutes to make their cases before the Senate.

Coles also asked the Senate to expedite the vote on the amendment so that they could vote on it before the next meeting. The Senate approved that motion unanimously.

The Senate also voted by acclamation to accept the bylaw amendments.

Sen. Nicholas Kanan ’23, the senator for 567 South Street and Village, said that he will be reaching out to Community Advisors in his dorms about making his contact information available to residents as a way to improve transparency and give them an opportunity to submit feedback.