The Union Senate did not charter, de-charter or recognize any organizations at the Sept. 26 meeting. Clay Napurano ’24, President Krupa Sourirajan’s ’23 appointment for the director of Health and Wellness, returned to the Senate to make another case for his confirmation after the Senate voted against his confirmation last week.

Napurano informed the Senate that he had met with Sourirajan and Brandeis Counseling Center Director Amy Scobie-Carroll in preparation for the position. Additionally, Napurano said that he had accepted a position on the BCC’s Student Advisory Board, and that he wants to serve as the link between the Student Union and the student body.

Vice President Courtney Thrun ’22 then moved Napurano to the waiting room of the Zoom meeting so that the senators could discuss and vote on his confirmation.“Even though he doesn’t have the experience working with the BCC directly, he’s really passionate about it,” Executive Senator Joseph Coles ’22 said. “I didn’t vote for him last time, but I’m going to vote for him this time.”

The Senate voted by roll call, with all senators voting to confirm Napurano except Yael Trager ’24 and Sofia Lee ’24, who voted against, and two abstentions.“Personally, I didn’t gain that much from this time,” Trager said before the vote. “I really wish I felt more confident in [confirming Napurano], but I just don’t.”

Allocations Board Chair Emma Fiesinger ’22 came to the meeting to inform the Senate that A-Board is understaffed, with only three of the ten seats currently filled. By the end of the special elections, only two more of those seats will be occupied.

Fiesinger explained that A-Board requires at least six members in order to vote on allocating its $2.1 million funds to Brandeis’ clubs. She said that she is currently in the process of setting up emergency allocations with Student Activities Specialist Terri Tozzi. “It’s big, it’s important,” Fiesinger said. “If you want to join it, you should join it.” 

The Senate also confirmed by acclamation Trager as chair of the Social Justice Committee, Meli Jackson ’25 as chair of the Facilities, Housing and Transportation Committee, Skye Liu ’23 as chair of the Health and Safety Committee, Peyton Gillespie ’25 as chair of the Sustainability Committee, Coles as chair of the Rules Committee, Charlotte Li ’24 as chair of the Club Support Committee, Ashna Kelkar ’24 as chair of the Dining Committee and Shannon Smally ’22 as chair of the Services and Outreach Committee.

Lastly, Thrun said that the Student Union will be attempting to boost school spirit by converting a BranVan into a game day van for sports events. The van will have a large sticker on its side reading “Jury Duty.”