The University is in the process of replacing its student information system,  Sage, with Workday Student. As with Sage, faculty, students and staff will use Workday Student to access and manage student information regarding class enrollment, grades and more. Workday Student is launching in phases: the Workday platforms of Human Resources, Finance and Payroll launched in summer 2019; the basic structure for Workday Student launched in fall 2020; class registration and advising will be made available in April and May; financial information will be available this summer and all remaining features will go live in fall 2021. As of April 20, Workday Student is available for students to use to manage their personal information. Student information will remain in Sage up to the 2021 summer semester, so students will access Sage to look up spring 2021 course grades and access Workday Student to apply for fall 2021 classes. By fall 2021, the University will have fully transitioned to Workday Student, and Sage will no longer be necessary. 

According to the Brandeis FAQ page for Workday Student, the decision to transfer to this platform was made in the interest of streamlining and modernizing University resources. Workday Student will integrate with Human Resources, Finance and Payroll to form one central system that can be accessed through a single login. As the FAQ page explains, because the platform is cloud-based, it is more secure and easier to keep up-to-date than Sage. Sage had become highly customized over its decades of use, continually adding complexity to the University’s administrative systems, which created challenges regarding upgrades, per the FAQ page. 

The FAQ page also notes that community members will be updated as changes progress. There will also be training opportunities for community members to familiarize themselves with the platform in advance of its functions going live.