Five senator positions and three representative positions, with a total of 10 seats, were open in the second round of Student Union elections this semester. Students voted on April 21, and Secretary Alex Park ’22 held a debate between the candidates on April 18. Park announced the results on April 22.

Two seats for Senator-At-Large:

Ashna Kelkar ’24 secured the position of Senator-at-Large. Kelkar is currently on the Senate Dining Committee, and she promised to continue working on improving the vegan and vegetarian dining options and to start sustainability initiatives.

Charlotte Li ’24 won reelection as Senator-at-Large. Li said that she plans on building relationships within the Brandeis community, as well as in the Waltham and greater Boston areas.

Two seats for Senator of the Class of 2022:

Running unopposed, Joseph Coles ’22 secured the position of Class of 2022 Senator. Coles, who is currently the Executive Senator, did not attend the debate on Sunday. In his candidate biography, he said that as Club Support Committee chair, he helped to create and improve a number of clubs on campus.

The other seat was not filled as no other candidates ran.

Two seats for Senator of the Class of 2023:

Vivian Mou ’23 secured the position of Class of 2023 Senator. Mou is serving now as the International Senator, commenting that she would like to create a platform for all Class of 2023 students to ensure their voices are heard.

Yitong (Skye) Liu ’23 won a third term as Class of 2023 Senator. Liu spoke about her initiatives as chair of the Health and Safety Committee, including condom and dental dam dispensers, and said that in the future she would like to improve campus mental health resources.

Two seats for Senator of the Class of 2024:

Sofia Lee ’24 secured the position of Class of 2024 Senator. Lee said she plans on holding community bonding events next year and intends to work with the Brandeis Counseling Center to improve mental health resources.

Audrey Sequeira ’24 secured the position of Class of 2024 Senator. Sequeira is currently a Community Senator and said she would focus on improving the compost and recycling system, and she is currently planning sophomore orientation for next year.

International Student Senator:

Yael Trager ’24 secured the position of International Student Senator unopposed. Though she was born in the United States and lived there for the first 11 years of her life, she now lives in England. Trager said she feels a strong connection to other international students and wants to help them integrate on campus.

Junior Alumni Board Representative

Daniel Hariyanto ’23 secured the position of Junior Alumni Board Representative unopposed. Hariyanto said that his experiences with multiple on-campus jobs, undergraduate research and his unique perspective as an Indonesian international student make him well-qualified for the position.

Two seats for Brandeis Sustainability Fund

Maxwell Lerner ’23 was reelected, running unopposed, to the Brandeis Sustainability Fund. Lerner said that he wants to push the board to take more “drastic measures,” adding that he believed that the University is currently too hesitant when taking action on environmental issues.

The other seat was not filled as no other candidates ran.

Two seats for Community Engagement and Enhancement Fund Representative

Carina Luo ’24 secured the position of CEEF board representative. Luo said that she wants to make CEEF more accessible to the student population, in part by creating CEEF social media platforms. “Brandeis needs strong student leaders; I believe I am up for that challenge,” Luo said.

Zhiyu Wang ’23 secured the position of CEEF board representative. Wang said that he wants to use his position in CEEF to make Brandeis a better place for everyone. Wang added that he hopes to help with the implementation of CEEF-funded projects in addition to approving them.