Executive Senator Joseph Coles ’22 and Director of Residential Life Nancy Zhai ’22 proposed a combined total of five bylaw amendments at the April 18 Union Senate meeting. The amendments were proposed in conjunction with the review of the Union Constitution, which Coles said is “going well.”

The first amendment, proposed by Coles, would officially limit the endorsement of candidates for certain Union positions, particularly Allocations Board, in order to limit potential conflicts of interest for positions which are intended to remain impartial. The amendment would also prevent A-Board and Student Union Judiciary candidates from giving and receiving endorsements to and from other Union members.

The second amendment, also proposed by Coles, would require that Union Supreme Court Justices hold office hours by appointment.

The third amendment, proposed by Zhai, would enforce attendance of Executive Board members at meetings between the Senate and E-Board. Zhai said she wants to ensure that the Senate and E-Board are able to “communicate efficiently to achieve their goals.”

The fourth amendment, also proposed by Zhai, would require any candidate for Union office who is unable to attend the mandatory candidate meeting to inform the Chief of Elections two business days beforehand. It would also require candidates to submit their biographies by the date chosen by the Chief of Elections.

The punishments for violating the rules would be increasingly serious after successive offenses, beginning with a warning, and, in the event of a third offense, resulting in a possible forfeiture of candidacy at the discretion of the Chief of Elections.

The fifth and final bylaw amendment, submitted by Coles, would require all candidates to campaign within the same time frame to prevent any individual from gaining an advantage. The amendment would also require that any candidacy forfeitures imposed by the Chief of Elections be approved by the Judiciary.

The Senate will vote on the amendments next week.

Senator Scarlett Ren ’24 provided updates on the Midday Getaway, an event which will be replacing the traditional Midnight Buffet this year. On April 30 at 9 p.m., the Union will host a series of games over Zoom, which Ren said will make the event more accessible to off-campus and international students.

The Brandeis Democrats also proposed an amendment to their constitution, in which they added a new e-board position. The Senate passed the amendment unanimously.

Coles said that the amendment suggestions for the Union Constitution will be released this Wednesday.