Mar. 19—There was a report of a medical emergency in Massell Quad. The party was treated by BEMCo staff and transported to a local hospital via ambulance.


Mar. 19—A community member reported theft from their vehicle.


Mar. 15—There was a report of a disturbance at the Charles River Apartments. The Area Coordinator on call was notified, and a report of the incident was composed.

Mar. 16—A staff member reported vandalism in a classroom in Rosenstiel Center. University Police documented the incident.

Mar. 17—A party reported flat tires on their car in Theater Lot.

Mar. 19—There was a noise complaint in North Quad. University Police arrived on-scene, and all was quiet and in order.

Mar. 20—A community member was harassed  via email. A report of the incident was composed.