The University sent brief emails to the student body regarding flu shots, the Farber Library and spring 2021 class registration. 

Farber Library 

The Farber Library was closed on Monday due to a water pipe break on the third floor, according to an Oct. 18 email from Vice President of Campus Operations Lois Stanley to the Brandeis community. The University will continue providing updates regarding the repairs, although a specific date for the reopening of Farber has not yet been set.  

Flu shots

Brandeis students who did not receive a flu shot before Friday, Oct. 16 are required to get one off-campus by Oct. 31, according to an email sent by the University to the student body on Oct. 12. Students must document their flu shots on the campus COVID-19 portal. Medical and religious exemptions are allowed. 

Spring 2021 registration

Spring semester registration will begin by appointment on Dec. 16 and 17 and will be open through Feb. 12, according to an email University Registrar Mark Hewitt sent to the student body on Oct. 14. This registration date is a month later than it was initially set to be.