At the second Student Union meeting of the year, Union members confirmed the appointment of Jeremiah Lemelson ’23 as Director of Academic Affairs over Zoom.

Executive Board reports

The Executive Board discussed potential adaptations of the traditional yearly end-of-semester Midnight Buffet. This year, the event will be held the night before students go home for the semester.

Because of COVID-19, an in-person event will not be possible, though the board members suggested potential alternatives to the usual midnight meal. Vice President Krupa Sourirajan ’23 proposed distributing masks to students, at a cost of $4 each (per the Union’s funds) for a few thousand masks. To preserve the meal aspect of the event, Senator Jesse Zucker ’21 suggested distributing goody bags of food.

The Union is also planning on contributing to this year’s Kindness Day, which Sourirajan said would be a day to write letters to friends as a way to show appreciation. She also said that the Union could order 400 to 500 Insomnia Cookies and have students donate to a charity of their choice in exchange for a cookie. The Union may come up with a list of approved charities in a future meeting. The cost of all the cookies would be between $500 and $600. The total budget of the Union per semester is $8000. Clubs are not allowed to use Venmo, and so collecting donations from students for the cookies would pose a challenge.

Next week, the Union will send an email to students about upcoming special elections. There will be an information session held over Zoom today for students to learn more about the candidates. On Wednesday, the Union will send out brief biographies for all of the candidates.

The Union also plans on providing shuttles for students who wish to participate in early voting for state and national elections.

There were no new charters, recognitions or de-charters during this meeting.