In the first Student Union meeting of the semester, Union members discussed de-charters, appointed members of the Executive Board and shared their goals for the upcoming semester over Zoom.  

Vice President Krupa Sourirajan ’23 explained the structure of Senate meetings, answered questions from new members and discussed the responsibilities of senators during the meetings. 

Charters, recognitions and de-charters

The Senate voted by acclamation to de-charter six campus clubs, including Blackout Journal, BAMCo, Chess Club, Brandeis Stand Up, Food Recovery Network and Jaded Magazine. 

Club Support Committee Chair Joseph Coles ’22 explained that of the 200 clubs on campus, some did not submit a required form to confirm they would like to receive funding for this semester. Coles reached out to the clubs repeatedly, but they did not respond. 

Executive Board appointments

Union members voted to appoint Executive Board members. Prospective members of the E-Board shared their platforms with the Union and then were asked to leave the Zoom call during the voting process. 

Nancy Zhai ’22 was appointed as the Director of Residential Life. Zhai explained that she will use three pillars to provide a foundation for the work she plans to do: accessibility, transparency and communication.

Leah Fernandez ’22 was appointed as the Director of Health and Wellness. She said she hopes to work closely with Student Accessibility Services, the Brandeis Counseling Center and the Health Center. 

Bishal Baral ’23 was appointed as the Director of Technology. For his second semester in the position, he hopes to give the Union website a more user-friendly layout. 

Bianca Kisin ’23 was appointed as the Director of Media and Outreach. Kisin hopes to establish transparency between the Union and students.

Emily Zhu ’22 was appointed as the Director of Community Engagement. Zhu would like to continue hosting COVID-friendly events on campus, including virtual events. 

Zayquan Lewis ’23 was appointed as the Chief of Staff. Lewis explained he will serve as an intermediary between the President and E-Board. He will also ensure that the Union’s goals, such as the Black Action Plan, are being met. 

Panny Tao ’21 was appointed as the Union Diversity and Inclusion Officer. Tao hopes to provide support for the Black Action Plan, help international students stay connected during COVID-19 and create a space for students to enter their pronouns onto SAGE.

During the voting process for Tao, Coles shared that in the year of the Black Action Plan, he would like to see a Black or Hispanic person in the position. President Kendal Chapman ’22 said she took this into consideration, but there were no other applications submitted for the position, and Chapman was impressed with Tao’s in-depth application. 

Union members closed the meeting by briefly discussing their personal goals for the upcoming semester. 

The senate meeting was held over Zoom on Sunday, Oct. 4 and was open to the public.