Senator at Large

Charlotte Li ’24 secured the position for Senator at Large unopposed. Li explained that her time as a class leader in high school allowed her to engage with peers, a skill she hopes to transfer to her work on campus. 

Senator of the Class of 2023

Adian Vinograd secured the position of Senator of the Class of 2023 unopposed. Vinograd hopes to increase the transparency of the Union. “I think that a lot of concerns that students have, especially in the class of 2023, has to do with the fact that there is no transparency,” Vinograd said. 

Senator of the Class of 2022

Aliza Schneider secured the position of Senator of the Class of 2022 unopposed. Schneider shared her love for Brandeis and eagerness to hear from fellow students. Schneider shared that she wants to “be a voice” for juniors. 

Off-Campus Senator

Rebecca Spitzer ’23 ran for the position of Off-Campus Senator. The Oct. 23 election result email did not specify whether Spitzer secured the position. Living at home in New Jersey for the past seven to eight months due to COVID-19, Spitzer explained she understands the difficulties of being away from Brandeis. “I hope I can be the voice of that contingent in the [S]enate,” Spitzer said. 

East Quad Senator

Asher Brenner ’24 secured the position of East Quad Senator unopposed. Brenner said he would like to represent students and explain the problems of East Quad. 

Ziv and Ridgewood Quad Senator

James Feng ’22 secured the position of Ziv and Ridgewood Quad Senator unopposed. He did not attend the Meet the Candidates Event.

Community Senator 

Audrey Sequeira ’24 secured the position of Community Senator. Sequeria is a commuting student who understands the on-campus and off-campus experience. “I want to represent the student body that doesn’t have the opportunity to be here and bridge the gap between people who are here and people who are far away,” Sequeira said.

Alex Pickett ’24 secured the position of Community Senator. Pickett wants to work with dorm representatives to make socially-distant community events and hopes to work with remote students to ensure their transition to campus will run smoothly.