The Student Union held a special election on Feb. 13 to select two Community Senators and the International Senator. The Community Senators will replace the two Class of 2021 senators and the Ziv and Ridgewood Quad Senator, as no students ran for those positions in previous special elections. 

Shivam Nainwal ’22 and Tyler Carruth ’23 won their elections for Community Senators, and Chloe Yu ’22 won her election for International Senator. All of the candidates ran unopposed. In the election for Community Senator, students cast a total of 187 votes. Carruth received 36% of votes, followed by Nainwal with 32% of the vote, while 16.5% expressed a vote of no confidence, 9% of voters chose to abstain and 5% selected ‘other.’ Yu earned 70% of the 20 votes received, while 20% of voters indicated a vote of no confidence and 10% abstained. 

The Justice reached out to the elected senators for a statement. Nainwal commented that he is “very excited to use my new position to give a voice to the concerns of the students of Brandeis University.” Nainwal’s goals include improving the housing system on campus and the relationship between Brandeis and its food provider. 

In a previous interview with the Justice on Feb. 11, Carruth and Yu shared their primary goals. Carruth said that as senator, his goals will include improving communication between the Union and students and developing relationships with senators from other quads while also coordinating with other on-campus clubs to create accessible campus-wide activities. Yu told the Justice that she will focus on further integrating the domestic and international student populations.