Waltham Police reported a sighting of a suspicious individual looking through the window of an apartment on South Street on Wednesday, according to an email from Director of Public Safety Edward M. Callahan.

Several community members reported seeing this individual look through the open blinds of a window early on Wednesday, according to the email. No further description of the individual has been provided, and the Waltham Police are currently investigating the situation, the email said. According to the Waltham Police records, the incident was reported around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday. 

Callahan advised students living off campus to lock the windows and doors to their residences and to close their blinds. Students should report broken locks to their landlords immediately and should report suspicious incidents to the Waltham Police if they are off campus and to Public Safety if they are on campus, Callahan said in the email. He also reminded students of the availability of campus transportation services, which include shuttles around campus and Waltham. 

Callahan said he had no further information in a follow-up email to the Justice on Friday, but said that the matter was still under investigation and directed inquiries to the Waltham Police. A Waltham Police officer said in a phone interview Friday that he could not share anything more about the incident with anyone outside of the Brandeis Police Department.