The Senate met for its weekly meeting on Sunday, where it discussed an amendment to grant funding to exclusive clubs and brainstormed solutions for problems with campus transportation.

Charters and Decharters

Period@Brandeis previously had a probationary club status, and the Club Support Committee voted to keep Period@Brandeis’ probationary status for another 12 weeks.

Executive Officer Reports

The Lyft subsidy will be launching as soon as the Department of Student Activities signs the contract with the company, said Union Vice President Kendal Chapman ’22. The subsidy will apply to rides to and from campus, and will cover $5 off the original ride.

Illanysh Rodriguez ’23, the unconfirmed director of outreach, resigned because “she had a lot on her plate,” Chapman reported.

Committee Chair Reports

Dining Committee Chair Nancy Zhai ’22 said that the committee would be tabling for Dining Employee Appreciation Day on Monday and Tuesday. The committee will table in Sherman Dining Hall on Monday and in Lower Usdan the following day. The presentations for the final four dining vendors in the running for the University’s new dining contract will take place on Wednesday and Thursday.

Community Emergency and Enhancement Fund Chair Krupa Sourirajan ’23 encouraged senators to promote SipChip, a chip designed to test for date-rape drugs which she called “one of our most successful CEEF initiatives.” 

Health and Safety Committee Chair Leah Fernandez ’22 reported that free menstrual products will be distributed to bathrooms around campus within the next two weeks, and that she may apply for CEEF funding to cover future batches of these products. She will also be meeting with Vice Provost of Student Affairs Raymond Ou to discuss the Plan B machine. The machine ran out of Plan B and other products long ago, but there is a stockpile of Plan B waiting to be put in the machine that hasn’t been put in because the Union has been unable to schedule a meeting with Facilities Services. 

Senate Sustainability Committee Chair Oliver Price ’20 announced that the committee will be distributing compost bins to the Foster Mods. These compost bins will be distributed on a sign-up basis. 

International Women's Day Senate Money Resolutions

Social Justice and Diversity Committee Chair Priyata Bhatta ’22 introduced an SMR to buy a poster and postcards for an International Women’s Day tabling event. The Senate voted to suspend the rules, and voted by acclamation to pass the SMR.

Exclusive Club Chartering Amendment

Club Support Committee Chair Joseph Coles ’22 introduced an amendment to allow funding for acapella and comedy groups that were previously denied funds because of their “exclusive nature” since these groups require prospective members to audition for roles. The funding would cover on-campus performances, for which the groups currently have to fundraise to hold. “Oftentimes when they’re performing, they’re performing at a loss,” Coles said. 

The funding would not cover off-campus performances or competitions because the Brandeis community would ostensibly not benefit from these performances. Several senators expressed concerns about the clubs’ abilities to pay for these off-campus competitions, to which Coles replied that the rationale behind this amendment was to “start small,” and eventually propose greater funding privileges for these clubs.

The Senate tabled the resolution until next week’s meeting.

Transportation Project

The Senate will be launching a project to improve transportation services on campus, including implementing improvements to the BranVan and the Market Basket and Boston/Cambridge shuttles. The Senate discussed the possibility of expanding hours for the Market Basket and Boston shuttles, putting reservation numbers on the Branda App and signage in Waltham for BranVan stops. 

Senator Reports

Sourirajan reported that the Area Coordinator for North Quad Josh Adlerman has stepped down and will be leaving within the week. She will be working with the Department of Community Living in the wake of Adlerman’s departure.