My name is Robbie Goldstein. I am a primary care doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital, and I’m running to be the next representative in Congress for the 8th District of Massachusetts. 

Growing up, my dad was a dentist and my mom managed the office. One patient at a time, they wove their practice into the fabric of the neighborhood. In 2001, I came to Massachusetts to go to college at Tufts University and then stayed to get my medical degree and doctorate in cancer genetics. Today, I’m a primary care doctor for those living with HIV, the LGBTQ community and those affected by substance use disorders. 

I have served as a leader and a teacher in the hospital. Throughout the years, too many of my patients face the same challenges — challenges that are bigger than any one person can solve, and have only gotten worse since 2001. Across the 8th District, thousands of people are living without health insurance. Many more are living with food insecurity, housing instability and inadequate access to high quality transportation or a job that pays a living wage. 

Over the coming months, I hope to earn your support and your vote. To learn more about me and our campaign for change, please visit and @RobbieForChange on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

                                                                                                                                         — Robbie Goldstein