Union Chief of Staff and Union Representative for the Community Emergency and Enhancement Fund Zac Wilkes ’20 discussed upcoming goals for CEEF and a new student newsletter project at Sunday’s Senate meeting. The Union then voted on a new Amendment to Article V of the Student Union bylaws defining quorum, and Class of 2022 Senator Joseph Coles proposed changes to Student Union Club bylaws. 


Wilkes explained that one of the goals for CEEF in the upcoming years is to ensure that all new members meet promptly with administrators and know what to do at all times to ensure that the committee runs smoothly. 

Wilkes also announced a new student newsletter to broadcast the work of Student Union members to the campus. Although he said he was not sure how the newsletter would be distributed, Wilkes said he expected it to be in the form of an email sent out to students every couple of weeks. Wilkes reinforced that he would like the project to be collaborative. Union Vice President Kendal Chapman ’22 commended the initiative, saying that administration often takes credit for the work of the Student Union.


The Senate discussed attendance policies, and Chapman reminded people of the Senate’s policy of allowing two absences. Chapman explained that this year, excused and unexcused absences both count toward the two allotted absences, and once a member reaches their third absence, its validity will be considered case by case.


The Senate discussed how “quorum” should be defined and voted by acclamation to pass a new amendment deeming that 50% of the voting body must be present for there to be a quorum. If fewer than 18 senators are at the meeting, quorum will be defined as 10 members.


Coles proposed changes to Student Union Club Bylaws which included a revision to Section 3 saying clubs must request to be chartered. Coles explained that a charter request would help the Club Committee easily know which clubs are chartered when looking through the constitution. The proposal also includes an expansion to Section 3 saying a non-senator who is part of the Club Support Committee can be present at club meetings, as opposed to only a Student Union Senator.

Coles revised Section 4 to delete the term “exclusionary club” to allow for audition-based clubs, like acapella groups, to get funding on campus. A proposed revision to Section 7 includes requiring clubs to submit an anti-hazing form and update their Presence Page with the most recent version of their constitution as well as their Presence rosters. 

Coles also addressed Section 8, proposing to require club officers to attend Bystander Training; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training; Budgeting Training; Recruitment Training and Event Planning; and General Student Activity Training. Training should be completed over the course of three days.

Additionally, a revision to Section 14 says there must be 10 active members in order for a club to be chartered. Active members are not defined in bylaws but by clubs in their own constitutions.

The amendment will be voted on next Senate meeting.


After an Executive session, the Senate elected Jasmyne Jean-Remy ’22 as the senate representative to the A-Board.


CEEF Chair Krupa Sourirajan ’23 announced that she is working on getting a ping pong table for North Quad. Sourirajan also said she will be meeting with the Department of Community Living to discuss complaints regarding the cleanliness of Polaris Lounge. According to Sourirajan, students have been “trashing” Polaris and placing a large burden on Facilities workers.

This article was amended to correct senators' titles and the spelling of several names.