Last weekend, the Brandeis Vietnamese Student Association hosted its semester show Hoi An Night, named after the famous tourist city in Vietnam.

HoiAn 1.31.20 CC 0066.jpg

To decorate Skyline Commons, the VSA created this beautiful display of lanterns against a black background, reminiscent of the lanterns released into the night sky during Hoi An’s Lantern Full Moon Festival.

HoiAn 1.31.20 CC 0165.jpg

Two event organizers gave a short presentation about the history of Hoi An and the Lantern Full Moon Festival.

HoiAn 1.31.20 CC 0141.jpg

Event attendees’ wishes for the new year are attached to their lanterns, including this one, reading, “We wish everyone a great year.”

HoiAn 1.31.20 CC 0157.jpg

Students enjoyed a buffet with spring rolls, chicken and tea.

 Editor’s Note: Thu Lu is a Justice production assisstant and did not edit this article.