The Student Union announced the results of the 2020 winter elections on Friday. The student body elected six new senators, along with five new members of the Allocations Board and one new member of the Judiciary, per an email to the community from Union Secretary Taylor Fu ’21.

Michelle Kleytman ’23 was one of two candidates running for midyear senator. She was elected to this position with 53.03% of the vote, compared with Danielle Malka’s ’23 31.82% of the vote, according to the Union’s election results report.

Alex Park ’22 was elected the senator-at-large with 32.8% of the vote. The runner-up, Denezia Fahie ’22, earned 31.41% of the vote. “My priorities are to first improve the daily life of Brandeis students,” Park wrote in an email to the Justice on Sunday. “I will achieve this by working with my fellow senators on dining, facilities and transportation needs and complaints,” he continued. 

Erick Comas Hernandez ’23 was elected Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program senator. He ran unopposed and earned 100% of the vote. There were only two votes cast, per the report.  

Oona Wood was elected class of 2023 senator, receiving 33.49% of votes. Wood beat out fellow candidates Ishaan Khurana ’23 and Madeline Toombs ’23. Other candidates received less than 20% of votes, with Wood earning a total of 71 votes.

Joshua Feld ran unopposed for class of 2022 senator, and he was elected with 67.3% of the vote. “With my position on the Dining and Housing committees, I plan on working with fellow students to improve the quality of living on campus,” Feld wrote in an email to the Justice on Monday.

Jasmyne Jean-Remy ’22 was elected racial minority senator with 66.85% of the vote. Jean-Remy ran unopposed. “As senator, I plan on providing support to the minority population on campus, whether it’s academic or personal,” Jean-Remy said in a Sunday email to the Justice. 

Two seats on A-Board were available during this election cycle, with Sonali Anderson ’22 and Ryan Pyatetsky ’22 winning the election for the A-Board members to a three-semester seat. Anderson received 40% of votes, with 210 total votes. Pyatetsky received 32.76% of votes, winning 172 votes in total, according to the Union’s election report. 

Yonah Shafner ’22 won one of the two available year-long A-Board seats with 22.34% of the vote. The second seat went to Mariya Teslya ’22, the runner-up, with 16.49% of the vote. Out of 649 total votes, Shafner received 145 and Teslya received 107. The third and fourth place candidates, Maggie Chang ’23 and Parker Thompson ’23, earned 14.02% and 12.17% of the vote respectively. “I [will] make sure to represent the student body in the most honest way possible [because] the students of this campus represent the opinions and functionality of the Brandeis community as a whole,” Shafner said in a Jan. 28 interview with the Justice. Additionally, there were 107 votes to abstain and 37 votes of no confidence. 

Aria Pradhan ’21 won the uncontested position of A-Board member for racial minority students with 63.54% of the vote. Out of 181 total votes, Pradhan received 115 votes. There were also 36 votes to abstain and 25 votes of no confidence. 

Sophia Reiss ’23 was elected associate justice to the Judiciary with 23.06% of the vote. Reiss, who was running against five other candidates, received 116 votes out of a total of 503. There were 89 votes to abstain and 24 votes of no confidence. 

—Emily Blumenthal contributed reporting.