Last week, justArts&Culture spoke with Caleb Duffy ’22, a member of WBRS: Student Music about the upcoming Stein Night events. 

JustArts&Culture:  Tell me a bit about yourself and your role in the organization.

Caleb Duffy:  So we are kind of a subset of WBRS. I wouldn’t consider myself a part of the main club, although we do report to the e-board meetings on Wednesday nights. We are officially known as a student music committee, and our job on campus is to provide space, rehearsal space and venues for students to share their music with each other. … I don’t really have an official title but it really is just kind of supporting on campus music.

JAC: How would you introduce Stein Night to someone who has never been to one before?

CD: I would treat it as a Jazz Night. … You show up. You get your moz sticks. You enjoy the new menu at the Stein which actually looks wonderful. You sit down and talk to your friends. And you listen to music. You listen to your peers make music. Enjoy the aspect of live music. … Even though it is still very prevalent, [live music is] kind of hard to get to, especially if you’re on a college campus. … It’s an experience. Everyone can put on their headphones and their earbuds, but to see it happening live, you feel it in a very different way. I enjoy live performances so much more. … Putting the faces to people. Supporting them and their arts. There have definitely been groups that came out of this campus and are still playing in New York City and stuff. … For anyone who wants to get involved and sign up, the rehearsal space (sign-up sheet) is on our Facebook. Please sign up for that. When it comes to timing and the actual structure of the event, we changed around a bit. It’s still Friday night. We still have three nights a semester. We are doing 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. 

JAC: What’s something performers should know prior to the event? 

CD: That actually a special part of what our group is responsible for is moving all of our equipment. … So we have a complete drum set for any drummers. We have an electric guitar amp, we have a bass amp, we got a very nice electric keyboard for people to use, we have microphones and we just got a new PA system last semester that works beautifully (that is the stereo). I am currently in the process of getting quarter-inch cables to have permanently at Chum’s and at the Stein. So for any performers who are coming up, if you have quarter-inch cables, bring them. … We are working on getting more equipment. I don’t know how much we have in the ways of other instruments ... People bring saxophones and trumpets and tambourines. Yeah, bring whatever you have. We would love to hear it.

JAC: What’s something you would recommend on the Stein menu? 

CD:  Let me pull up the new menu. There’s actually a lot going on. I know everyone’s favorite is the moz sticks. You can’t go wrong with moz sticks ever. … What’s actually really great is the chicken tenders just got meal swipe access if I am not mistaken. … What I want to try, which would be very curious, have you heard of the Impossible burger? ... I would love to see more people getting the pizza. I think that’s rather underutilized. I like that they added a bunch more vegetarian options.  

JAC: Anything else you want to let the readers know? 

CD:  We love to see people just show up. It’s super important that we support each other. This is where people get the experience before they go into the field. I will be going into the music field, and this is great practice for me, and if I have an audience I can entertain, if I have people that I have a service to provide for, it gives me great purpose in life, and also gives entertainment for the campus. The culture on the campus is kind of dry in a lot of aspects, which is kind of sad, so having this kind of events I feel enriched the campus life. I’d love to see more people show up. I want to see more bands start to show up. Whatever genre, whatever kind of music. Just play what you love and what you want to play. It’s important to support each other for this … and even if it isn’t the thing you love or whatever, even if it’s not the genre, even if the performance is a little bit off, just clap, just support each other. Because it takes a lot to get up on that stage. I have been on the stage since I was 12, and I still get nervous. … Know that there are those of us in the club who want to see you there, and will support you no matter what. If you’re coming there to make art, that’s all we want to see. 

—  Luke Liu