Released on Nov. 22, 2019, the long awaited sequel “Frozen 2” sent a chill down its viewers’ spines. With a score of 76% on RottenTomatoes, this film seemed to nicely wrap up some questions viewers were left wondering six years ago when the original film was released. The film seems to break Disney’s trend of poor sequels due to its overwhelming popularity following its release. This sequel has so far earned a record -breaking $123.7 million on Thanksgiving weekend and won the domestic box office for two weekends in a row.

 Before you continue to read, keep in mind that there will be spoilers in this review. “Frozen 2” starts out where the original movie left off. Elsa is still the queen of Arendale, and she is living happily in the castle with Anna, Kristoff, Sven and the lovable snowman Olaf. The film flashes back to a time when sisters Elsa and Anna were children and their parents told them about a magical forest, home to a group of people called the Northuldra. These people once lived peacefully alongside Arendale’s people, until one day when everything suddenly changed. The forest spirits got angry and closed off the forest to outsiders and forbade the people in the forest to leave. This was except for the young prince, Elsa and Anna’s father, who was saved by an anonymous person. Back in the present, Elsa starts to hear sounds calling to her,  and she awakes the forest spirits who are still angry over the fight that occurred long before Elsa and Anna’s birth and not seen in Frozen 2. Elsa is determined to find out who is calling to her and save her kingdom. Therefore, she, Anna and the gang set out for answers. 

This film continues the beloved trend  that was established in the first film of sisterly love being the strongest force. The two siblings love each other and continue to stand and fight together for what is right. This is displayed in Anna’s song, sung by voice actor Kristen Bell, called “The Next Right Thing.” Another song you should expect to hear children singing is this film’s theme song called “Into the Unknown.” This song is set before our heros head out on their journey, when Elsa, voiced by the award-winning Idina Menzel, questioned listening to the voices and changing her already good life. 

Although the adoring fans seemed to love this new film, we can’t forget that there doesn’t seem to be a “Let it Go” in this film. No song that you hear at the waiting room of the dentist, in the mall or just out and about, which may be good for parents who had to listen to Menzel on repeat after the first film. 

Although we missed the hype song of the first, this film did not disappoint on other aspects. This film seemed to one up the previous film in terms of animation and special effects. All of the song sequences and magic are much more realistic — well as realistic as icy magic powers can be — and were beautiful to see on a big screen. This realism may be due to the time difference in years and the improved technology over six years. All in all, this film positively wrapped up questions from the first film and left the viewers with some new questions to wonder about. In the end, “Frozen 2” did not disappoint and seemed to be the sequel we were waiting for.