Your professors might be some of the best in their academic field, but do you know that they are also experts in painting, knitting and graphic design? “JustArts Brandeis Faculty/Staff Exhibition” is a biannual show that is dedicated to showcasing the talents of our non-student community members.

      Stepping into the exhibition this week, I was surprised by its variety: photographs, paintings, jewelry, videos, sculptures and more. You can find almost any kind of artistic medium there. Though all of the work was creative, the piece that stood out to me was the costume, Polarbearing For the Climate, a piece made by German and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Departments Professor Sabine von Mering. 

   Polarbearing For the Climate is a costume standing in the corner of the room. You might find it familiar because it was used by von Mering during the climate strike in Boston on Sept. 20. In addition to the costume itself, the exhibition also comes with a printed booklet called “Shame Cover,” which describes how the costume was made from scratch. One might not be able to tell at first, but the head of the polar bear is actually made of cardboard. 

  As one of many at Brandeis, Sabine von Mering is concerned about global warming and climate change. As she mentioned in the introduction of her artwork, “I discovered my activist self in conjunction with becoming a climate activist over the past seven years.” She has combined the fun of creating art and the concern for climate change. I believe the meaning of this exhibit is extraordinary and the idea behind this artwork can influence more and more people throughout the exhibition. 

  This exhibition will be held from Oct. 24 to Nov. 17. Please drop by and enjoy the extraordinary masterpieces by our Brandeis faculty and staff.