On Nov. 12, Campus Activity Board hosted their annual Fall Flex concert.  The concert featured performances by DJ Ekenomics, Social House, Sage the Gemini and Cash Cash.

Fall Flex 11.10.19 NZ 0349.jpg

DJ Ekenomics won the student DJ competition, allowing him to be the opening DJ for the Fall Flex concert.

Fall Flex 11.10.19 NZ 0576.jpg

Social House came to Brandeis dressed in matching outfits for their performance. During the performance, their friendly banter caused a faux argument between sides of the audience.

Fall Flex 11.10.19 NZ 1301.jpg

Sage the Gemini interacted with the audience throughout the performance. The colors of the lights on stage conveyed the messages of the songs he performed.

Fall Flex 11.10.19 NZ 2540.jpg

Some students were lucky enough to get a selfie with members of Cash Cash following the Fall Flex concert.